It's a great time to be a Laker

SL athletic programs in the midst of an unprecedented run
Matt DeYoung
Oct 29, 2013

The excitement reverberates off the walls of Spring Lake High School these days.

The Lakers are in the midst of one of their most successful stretches in school history.

The girls golf team recently played third in the state, and the boys tennis squad finished fifth.

The girls cross country team is ranked No. 3 heading into next weekend’s state finals, and the volleyball team is having one of its best seasons in recent memory.

To top it all off, the Lakers’ boys soccer team will play in the Division 2 state semifinals on Wednesday, and Spring Lake’s football squad hosts a playoff game for the first time since 2005 on Friday.

“There’s no question, the excitement is tremendous,” said athletic director Cavin Mohrhardt. “We’ve got so many teams doing well. It’s hard because it all happens at one time. It’s mass chaos right now, but these memories will last forever.

“Everybody’s feeding off what tennis and golf started. It’s exciting. It’s busy right now, so I’m sure a lot of us won’t be able to enjoy it until it’s over.

“I can’t think of any time we’ve had this much success at one time, in one season. It says a lot about our athletes and our coaches.”


Tickets for Friday’s playoff game will be on sale the day of the game from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Gates will open at 6 p.m., one hour before kickoff.

Mohrhardt stressed that, because this is an MHSAA-sponsored event, all tickets are $5, and no passes or discounts will be accepted.



It's been an exciting fall. It's wonderful to see these kids work so hard and have success. Go Lakers!


Great job Lakers. Now comes the bond proposal. Let's hope the community stands behind you. $60,000,000 is a small price to pay for a great athletic program and good athletic facilities.

Keep it up Lakers ... vote next Tuesday ... be sure to tell your parents as well that if they care about you and other students they will vote yes.


Seriously? You're kidding, right? $60,000,000 is a small price to pay?

Vote No on the bond issue and save the timeless tradition of Grabinski Field, where high school football is played on grass -- not plastic.


Really $60,000,000 over 30 years for technology that will be outdated in 8 years. Hmmm....sounds like someone didn't get it right a few years ago when the "new" school was built. So in 8 years when an updated technology bond is needed how will we handle that? Let's see a long term 30 year plan! It should includes an eight year replacement and update budget that has been truly looked at by an outside source,not given as a line item from an architectural firm.

It's obvious this administration has no foresight or vision. Words that the rest of the nation are beginning to claim such as sustaining, recycle, reclaim, upgrade, renew are blatantly left out of the package. They are following the vision other communities have created......10 years ago. So we have a sports facility similar to Grand Haven??? What will be the returns? This administration is not leading, they are following. Educational facilities are not supposed to "be like" other school systems. They are supposed to meet the unique needs of the community. This administrations leadership and vision is limited to the borders of their personal desires and goals.

It would be interesting to see what "Outstanding" accomplishment that this replacement superintendent has created or accomplished for our community. He has followed in great footsteps but his imprint on our community is soft like a footstep in sand.

Teacher's need more help to teach, more social interaction with their students, teachers and aids. More one on one opportunities with the students. Can an iPad replace a teacher's aid? Is the concern for our students actual growth or to meet the perceived norm for school systems?

What's wrong with the facilities we have for sports. The don't seem to be holding back the teams from competing at high levels. The fields are all nice, the tennis courts are great. Watching a fall sunset from Grabinski or the soccer field! The money should be invested into more training staff, more coaches a large indoor facility for football, soccer, baseball and tennis.Our athletes need year around support in their interests, not just fleeting moments for a part time coach and athletic director. A large indoor facility could help the community by renting back the space to other interests not just fancy fields and dugouts for a limited number of students.

Do we not see in Spring Lake the huge industry in professional athletics and the support staff for those teams/industry? Are we missing the huge opportunities for students in Spring Lake to achieve higher opportunities of education along with scholarships and grants for involvement in athletics? Is their a real value to winning a league title other than a medal, a trophy that sits in the A.D.'s office for bragging rights and another story of "the good old days". How can new facilities make a difference in an individual student athlete? More support staff and higher levels of competition create more opportunities. Are we really that tight on our budget that we can't play teams from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois....would not that exposure be great for our student athletes?

If your student has ever experienced rejection, discrimination, isolation, favoritism or has not received the "special favors" because the "connections" or relationships with the school administration or teachers is not the same status. Vote NO!

If you requested extra aid and have been promised changes and help but did not see that happen. Vote NO!

If you are concerned that your student has not received the same attention or respect. Vote NO!

It is very easy for words to be said in the "correct" manner to give the presumed view that all are being treated equally...but the feeling in your gut tells you that your student is not being treated equally. Vote NO!

As a parent of Spring Lake students whose children continually receive "favored status" it makes me sick to have other students not offered the same opportunities. Vote No!!


I think I can tell by your comment that you never played a sport. You were probably the one on the sideline wishing you could play. You think that we play just for bragging rights?! Are you serious! We play because we can and for the fun of it, and not some middle age man sitting in a room doing boring work, thinking about how bad high school was.
We need this bond. Take a walk around the soccer and football field and see how bad it is. Education is very important, and we get it every day at a great high school. We already have high tech equipment to help us learn everyday. Spring lake is all about education, and athletics second. So the next time you say something dumb, come say it to the A.D and see how he feels you imbecile! Vote yes as this will expand our great school, and will pay off. Vote Yes!
I play two sports, and play on both soccer, and football field, so we really need this bond.
Vote yes, you dipshit!


If the post from slstudent is meant for me. I am wondering if you are writing this during lunch? Maybe you are using your phone or technology in school. That would explain your poor spelling and inappropriate use of certain social terms. What my background in sports is not important. It is the true vision of the Spring Lake administration. It seems be very similar to their "snow day" policy. The superintendent wakes up early and drives around and decides if there will school or not. Sometimes he guess's correct, somedays he leaves us parents shaking our head. The real, solution, as parents is to make your own decision. You my slstudent friend, you should pay attention to this more than most as you will be in the midst of raising a family and paying for technology that is useless? Its very similar to financing a car for 20 years but not being able to use if for the last 7 years. It's very obvious that there is a wooing going on. The wedding may be fun and exciting but the payments will keep going on and on and on and on.

I've lived on those fields my friend. They are beautiful and hold years of wonderful history! They serve the needs of both soccer and football well. They may not be "new" but they are quality!

Thank you for sterotyping me. I would say that your comments about me are sexist, biased and without base. We disagree, but I am concerned about your future and your children's, not your view of myself.


Your background in sports and history to the school is very relevant. Furton is a great man, this was the first in many years that we had more than two snow days. In response to the statement made regarding snow days, 1 in every 10 fatal crashes involves a teen. With this information can you see now why Furton is hesitant to open school doors when winter weather is treacherous? We may as well invite the possibility to increase the risk of another tragedy to affect our community. However, now bringing things back to the to topic at hand, your background and involvement within the recreational system here at Spring Lake is very relevant in making such a decision. I am not stereotyping you under any circumstances, but it seems you are quite insensitive to what we the stude
nts want to see changed in our community. We are well aware at the price tag associated with the passing of such a bond, but there are several other positive reasons to pass the bond, not just to have a new sports complex. Your response seems biased and one sided, while you earlier said our community leaders couldn't see the big picture, but my question to you is, what makes you think you are more apt to make the correct decision? Also, I would like to make the point that you also disrespected me, so wouldn't you be just as guiltily at stereotyping? I have to confess I am thoroughly disappointed in the fact you feel the need to argue with a high school student, while you already have graduated.

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