Lakers' Kriger disqualified for biting opponent

Senior will also miss Saturday's individual district tournament
Matt DeYoung
Feb 7, 2014

Spring Lake’s district semifinal loss to Fruitport on Thursday was marred by a the accusation that the Lakers’ Max Kriger bit his Trojans’ opponent.

Kriger wrestled Fruitport’s Collin Butler at 145 pounds. At one point, with Kriger leading the match 6-2 late in the second period, Butler’s arm ended up across Kriger’s face, and Butler claimed Kriger bit him.

The official agreed, and issued a flagrant misconduct penalty, which eliminated Kriger from the competition and also keeps the Lakers’ senior from wrestling in Saturday’s individual district tournament, where he would have been one of the favorites in his weight class.

“Max was wrestling, was winning, and their wrestler said, ‘He bit me,’ and the ref said yes,” said a disgusted Lakers’ coach Dan Robinson. “I could understand it if he was down, but he was up 6-2. Why would he bite him?

“That really put a damper on the night.”

Robinson said he’ll exhaust all of his resources trying to figure out a way to allow Kriger to wrestle on Saturday. Otherwise, the outstanding senior’s season is over.

“Max was wrestling great,” Robinson said. “He was peaking at just the right time.”

Trojans’ coach Jack Nummerdor was disappointed to see Kriger disqualified from future competitions.

“Collin cross-faced him, and he ended up biting Collin,” Nummerdor said. “The ref thought it was flagrant, so he has to sit out Saturday. It’s a crying shame. It really stinks because it’s the kid’s senior year.”


Barry Soetoro

Mike Tyson would be proud.

Laker Dad

Did he bite, or was the cross-face done hard enough to leave teeth marks on the arm? I've seen kids pull that dirty trick before. Hopefully the ref saw the incident up close.


I know Colin Butler and he is not the kind of kid to say something like that. The ref must have seen teethmarks and was convinced he had been bitten so he was disqualified. Its legal to cross face its part of the sport and I'm sure the kriger kid has cross faced people too.


Saw the whole match, Kriger was beating up Butler bad, the whole match, Butler threw a cross face right into the mouth and immediately stood up intentionally looking for the DQ pointing at his arm. Poorest sportsmanship I have ever seen on Butler's part. Cost the kid his senior year just so he could preserve his record and seat at Districts. Disgusting.


ThirdParty I saw the whole match as well. You are obviously a SL fan, so I would like to stick to the facts. The first issue I would like to address is that a loss for Butler in this match meant very little to him, Fruitport would have still won the dual. Furthermore, Butler's seating at districts would have remained the same whether he lost or won to Kriger. Next, you are correct Kriger was beating Butler, but Butler was starting to make a come back. Butler did throw a cross face (a completely legal move). Whether Butler threw the cross face into Kriger's open mouth was not noticeably viewable from the crowd or the benches. Than, Butler did stand up and point to his arm. A red mark on his arm was viewable from the stands. At that point, the ref viewed the mark and saw deep intentions of teeth on Collin's arm. The ref made a judgment call that the foul was flagrant or intentional from his viewpoint. I too, thought why would Kriger bite him he was winning. In speaking with the coaches afterwards, I asked could the bite have been accidental (Butler throwing his arm in Kriger's mouth as you mention above-which would have resulted in only a DQ from this match and not future matches). Their opinion was the bite mark was too deep almost to the point of drawing blood to be accidental, and apparently the ref agreed and made the flagrant call ending Kriger's season. It is unfortunate the senior's season ended in the manner.


If you knew anything about Wrestling VBMOM, you would know that in the MHSAA rule book, biting an opponent is automatically deemed as flagrant. So there was no chance of only being disqualified for one match. Also along your line of "facts", if Butler had lost that match, Kriger would have been the 1 seat at districts having been the only one in the division to beat him, and his most recent loss. This would have bumped Butler down to the 2 seat, giving him a harder route, and a very good potential to lose to him again. Following your "facts" again. Kriger had scored 5 points in the first period and questionably had him pinned, on top of that he had scored another point in the 2nd with Butler scoring 2. Kriger would have had choice in the 3rd, another factor going his way. I wouldn't exactly call that coming back.


Third Party, Thank you for correcting me. However, I still think if the ref saw bite marks on Collin's arm it wasn't accidental. What I meant by a loss to Kriger would have no affect on the outcome of districts. Collin was more than likely to be in the finals either from second seat or first seat. Without Max's DQ, they should've meet in the finals at districts. Both young men would've still qualified for regional action this weekend. So for Collin to try to purposely disqualify Max is ludicrous, He has had many of more important matches than this one and lost with no controversy -that is a fact even you can't argue. Lastly, you can argue about if you think Collin was coming back all you want. In my view he was starting to score points and had control of the match in the second period when the incident occurred. It was an unfortunate event, and I don't like to see any athletes senior season end on that sour of a note. I'm sure both these boys would rather put this incident behind them and move one. I suggest you do the same.

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