12:00 PM Sep 25, 2015
For teachers long accustomed to school security plans that espouse hard lockdowns and classroom evacuations, new training at north suburban Barrington’s Station Middle School and other Chicago-area schools proposes a radical departure from tradition: Run. Hide. Fight.
3:04 PM Sep 22, 2015
After watching for years as their city's financial troubles piled up, Chicago homeowners will be told this week that it's time for them to start paying the tab.
10:00 AM Sep 20, 2015
An Illinois woman has accused Office Depot of discriminating against her Roman Catholic faith after employees told her running copies of an anti-abortion prayer violated company policy.
10:00 AM Sep 6, 2015
The minister blessed the chalice of wine and loaves of bread before inviting everyone in the pews of St. Michael’s United Church of Christ in West Chicago to partake of Holy Communion, a sacrament she had once been excluded from because of her gender identity and transition.
2:00 PM Aug 19, 2015
Game wraps up late following 2 hour, 17 minute rain delay
2:00 PM Jul 25, 2015
Since hitting a record-low water level two years ago, Lake Michigan has been replenishing at an almost unprecedented rate, rising more than 3 feet since January 2013, according to government agencies.
10:00 AM Jul 11, 2015
Water levels in Lake Michigan have been replenishing at an unprecedented rate since receding by 4 feet in the late 1990s and hitting a record low two years ago, according to government agencies.
3:55 PM Apr 19, 2015
She was born to a young Chicago couple, named Jennifer, and grew into a beautiful long-lashed child with wavy dark hair, big brown eyes and a yearning, youthful desire to be just like all the other girls.
10:25 PM Apr 7, 2015
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel won a second term Tuesday in a runoff election that hinged on serious financial challenges facing the nation's third-largest city and the brusque management style of the former White House chief of staff.
6:09 PM Mar 31, 2015
An apple a day doesn't necessarily keep the doctor away. That's according to proverb-busting research that found daily apple eaters had just as many doctor visits as those who ate fewer or no apples.