HOLDEN 4-month-old Holden is an unpolished gem. He's just now learning that people can be caring, compassionate, trustworthy and deserving of his love. Won't you consider providing him a loving forever-home? MuskegonHumaneSociety.org 231-773-8689
ROSANA Rosana, a 1-year-old Calico, loves nothing more than curling up with her favorite person and purring away. She is all things playful, cuddly, inquisitive and friendly, while being a loner. MuskegonHumaneSociety.org 231-773-8689
SHERLOCK You don't have to be Watson to appreciate our Sherlock, a sweet boy with a quiet purr, who's ready to help solve all your household mysteries and keep you company. MuskegonHumaneSociety.org 231-773-8689