BOONE Wassup, Boone? This 2-year-old boy hides his true warm and loving personality behind fear. But, he has a lot of genuine affection and companionship to offer the right family. 231-773-8689
I'm Titan! Another awesome Pound Buddies' Pit Bull, Titan has an exuberant personality, loves to play, enjoys people and other dogs and is a superb example of this noble, dignified breed. @W2C28 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Stella! A shy, sweet, cuddlebug of a Chihuahua, Stella was part of a group of strays called the Getty4-Five. Now safe and secure, but still homeless, she awaits her guardian angel. @W1C23 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Rocco! Rocco is a very smart Black Lab mix. He knows sit, shake, sit-pretty, speak, and is simply gorgeous with a shiny coat. A devoted family pet who's awaiting new adventures. @W2C33 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Pinto! Pinto, a 13-year-old, Rat Terrier, is about as sweet and gentle as can be. Let your home be her safe, comfortable and loving refuge in the storm of life. @W4C27 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Milo! A sweet, big, gentle soul of a boy, Milo waited for people who didn't return. A gorgeous, playful and affectionate Pit Bull in need of someone to brighten his world. @ W1C37 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Grayson! Hi. I'm Grayson, a young, male, Chocolate Lab and I'm ready to take on the world with you as my guide. I'd love to run, play and learn with you. @ W5C15 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Dalton! Hi Everybody. I'm Dalton, a young, male, Pit mix. I'm not only handsome but, I'm smart and eager to please, too. Check me out and we'll make friends for life. @W2C24 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Bubblegum! Aww, shucks. Ain't I cute? I'm Bubblegum the Beagle boy. I'm about 3 years old and I like kids and get along with other dogs. What more could you want? @W4C24 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Baby! Baby, an affectionate and playful, 2-year-old, female, is eager to prove that Pit Bulls are devoted, loyal and trustworthy family members, when treated properly with love and understanding. @ W6C14 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921