ANNIE While on her own, Annie, a 4-year-old American Foxhound, invited herself into someone else's doghouse. She was found cuddled with a Good Samaritan's own dog. Will you make her yours? 231-773-8689
JUDD 4-years-old and bursting with joy, confidence, affection and comedic flair, Judd is an awesome Boxer / English Bulldog mix looking for an awesome home. He's good with female dogs, but not-so-much cats. 231-773-8689
I'm Zelah! Such a happy face! Zelah is all happy energy, which she hopes to share with you. A lovely young lady with a heart of gold and a sparkling personality. @W3C22 231-767-0921
I'm Whitman! Polite, respectful, smart and attentive, Whitman is very mature for his age. A one-and-a-half-year-old Shepherd Boxer mix, he's a large boy with a huge heart ready for love. @W2C35 231-767-0921
I'm Viper! Ready to play? Viper sure is. This boy loves every kind of game, especially outdoors. A big backyard and some training will yield an awesome companion for one lucky family. @W4C22 231-767-0921
I'm Trip! I'm Trip and I'm looking for a family that's ready for fun. If you'll play catch or tag, that would be great. If you'll love me, that'd be even better! @W2C32 231-767-0921
I'm Mystic! Mystic, a playful and smart girl, has a beautiful soul and her intelligence, loyalty, devotion and affection represent the very best the noble Pit Bull breed has to offer. @W3C28 231-767-0921
I'm Mitch! Mitch is not just a handsome face. He's a laid-back and good natured boy who loves exploring and playing games. The perfect companion for an active individual or family. @W1C32 231-767-0921
I'm Mila! Mila, a smart, young, energetic Shepherd mix, loves attention and is hoping to join an active family to share her playfulness, wonder and sense of adventure. Are you ready? @W3C31 231-767-0921
I'm Luke! Wassup, people? I'm Luke and I'm eager to learn all about life and its wonders. I'll repay you with a smothering of kisses! I'm that nice of an 11-month-old boy. @W2C29 231-767-0921