GALLA'GRR Galla'grr's story would break even the hardest of hearts, yet he greets each day with a wagging tail. We know his worth and believe you will recognize it, too. 231-773-8689
PUREBRED CHIHUAHUA PUPPY - Beautiful markings, mom and dad on site, 8 weeks. $150. Call 616-847-0639.
JAKE You won't find a handsomer, more well-behaved boy than Jake, our 3-year-old MinPin/Chihuahua mix. He's smart, adores people and enjoys other dogs. What more could you ask for? 231-773-8689
I'm Trooper! Trooper is a young male St. Bernard mix who's very playful with toys and other dogs. He's a big, happy, lovable guy, who'll fill your home with love and friendship. @W2C34 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Spencer! Spencer is a large, young, male, Shepherd/ Lab mix. A beautiful fawn-colored coat, intelligent eyes and always alert for a new friend to come by. Might you be that new friend? @W3C30 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Shelly! Hi! My name is Shelly, a playful, young Black Lab mix. Isn't my coat beautiful and lustrous? I'm a smart girl, who knows sit and is ready to learn more. @ W1C36 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Piper! This lovely little 3-4 year-old female Chihuahua, does well with young and old alike. She loves playing with other dogs, too. Piper would be a wonderful addition to your life. @ W3C25 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Marla! Sweet, beautiful, Marla, is a quiet soul looking for love and friendship. An American Bulldog, she does well with children and dogs, and wants to be the object of affection. @ W3C34 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Marco! Hi. I'm Marco, a 3-year-old Shepherd/Shiba Inu. I love other dogs and older kids, and give really good kisses. Maybe we could explore life together? How about it? @W3C22 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Lennon! "All we need is love and the rest comes naturally", says Lennon who is a medium-sized Greyhound/ Boxer mix. He imagines a world where he is safe and loved. @W1C30 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921