GHIRADELLI This foxy little fellow is looking for a place to call his own. Ghiradelli is an active, 1.5-year-old, terrier mix who's as sweet as they come. 231-773-8689
PeeWee If you've room in your heart and home, this pint-sized cutie will fill it with boundless love and companionship. Why not visit with PeeWee today? Your heart will thank you. 231-773-8689
I'm Vega! A stunning, 6-year-old, Siberian Husky, Vega would do best without small children, because he can be protective of his personal space. A wonderful, loyal, companion for the right person. @W3C31 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Sugar! Beautiful both inside and out, with a gorgeous brindle coat and a tender, loving personality to match, Sugar is a wonderfully calm and attentive Labrador/Pit. She's waiting patiently for you. @W1C37 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Peaches! Peaches is a 2-year-old, Lab/Pit Bull mix. A lovely girl of about 50 lbs. who enjoys playing, cuddling and giving kisses. Give her one chance to steal your heart away. @W3C21 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Ollie! Hang onto your hat, because Ollie loves to run, play and chase everything in sight! A 3-year-old English Setter, he's a blur outdoors and a calm, affectionate companion indoors. Perfect! @W3C28 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Leyla! This pint-sized little girl, Leyla, is a 3-year-old Jack Russell mix. Happy playing or being held, she only wants to be your best friend and companion. Wouldn't that be nice! @HWC36 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm KayLynn! Fun and friendliness wrapped in fur, describes KayLynn, a young, female, Pit Bull mix. She loves playing with people, dogs and toys, and is eager to learn from you. @W2C23 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Gusto! Add Gusto to your life and you'll add fun and adventure. A 4-year-old Jack Russell, he's more at home exploring than sitting idly on a sofa. A wonderful, handsome boy. @W3C27 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921
I'm Dixie! Dixie, a 3-year-old, female, Min Pin/Terrier, is a quiet little girl who loves to explore the yard. She tolerates other dogs, but loves to snuggle on a lap - your lap. @ HWC30 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921