BOONE Boone, a sweet, gentle, loving Beagle, has waited too long for an angel to find him and show him the life he deserves. He must be waiting for you. 231-773-8689
I'm Trey! Trey is super-friendly and loves everyone he meets. He's playful, good with other dogs and enjoys being out-and-about experiencing life. He's got everything he could want except a family. @W4C32 231-767-0921
I'm Sweetie ! As her name implies, Sweetie is all that and more. A gentle, quiet girl who loves going for walks with a friend, you. She only wants a life of companionship. @W3C21 231-767-0921
I'm Sterling! Looking for high-energy in a handsome companion? Check out Sterling, a 2-year-old German Shepherd. He'll keep you entertained and active for as long as you dare. A real nice boy. @W4C30 231-767-0921
I'm Rebel! A petite bundle of energy and joy describes Rebel. At 18-inches tall, she's a powerhouse who loves to run and play. A sweet, smart girl, ready for an active family. @W1C29 231-767-0921
I'm Pink! This sweet, young girl eagerly awaits an angel to lead her to a life of fun, affection and companionship. And, why not? You can't help but Love Pink! @W2C34 231-767-0921
I'm Leo! Leo is 3-4 months old and loves chasing tennis balls and playing tug-o-war. He's got freaky long legs, so a big yard to play and run is a must. @W2C22 231-767-0921
I'm Lady! Lady has such a great personality, she often takes the role of "Office Greeter" at the shelter. Playful, loving and trustworthy only begin to describe her many awesome qualities. @W1C30 231-767-0921
I'm Karma ! Karma, all blue eyes and punk hair, is a precocious, happy-go-lucky girl who equally enjoys toys and people. Whether in your yard or lap, she is a load of fun. @W4C24 231-767-0921
I'm Dixie! Hi. I'm Dixie and this is my "what are we doing" face. I'm a young girl, with lots to learn, but I'm smart and eager for you to teach me. @W3C28 231-767-0921