HAVE YOUR PETS FIXED - Cats - $50. Dogs - $90. Rabies shot ($10) and microchip ($15) optional with spay/neuter. Each year in West Michigan 1000's of pets are killed because there are not enough people who want them. The West Michigan Spay and Neuter Clinic (501c3) is responding to this problem by providing high quality, low cost spay and neutering in Fruitport. For information or appointment call 231-366-7067.
MAX Adopted as a pup, then returned 3 years later when the family moved, Max the Beagle/Lab is ready to experience real love in a real home. Could it be yours? MuskegonHumaneSociety.org 231-773-8689
INKY Inky is a charming young Chihuahua/Terrier mix, with a smiling face and wagging tail. He's ready to be your companion through all of life's journey. Get ready for wholesome friendship. MuskegonHumaneSociety.org 231-773-8689
I'm Viggo! Viggo is a sweetheart of a boy. A large, lab mix, he has a lively personality and a ton of love to give. He'd love to be your jogging partner. @W4C38 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Toby! Toby, a Rottweiler/ Doberman mix, is a smart, friendly, happy-go-lucky boy. He's just a big ol' sweetheart and a true gentle giant. Found as a stray, he hungers for love. @W1C32 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Tilly! Hi Everybody. My name is Tilly and I'm a medium-sized, Black Lab-rador Retriever mix. I'm a girl who loves to play with toys. I'd love playing together with you! @W4C25 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Theo! Theo, a large, adult, Rottweiler mix, is a nice boy who's playful and clean. Not as large as a purebred, but the same sized heart full of love. @ W3C35 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Ryder! Hey, Everybody. My name's Ryder. I'm a Chihuahua/Terrier mix who's happy, playful and oh-so affectionate. I love playing with friends. Wouldn't you like to be my friend, like, forever? @SRC14 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Pansy! Soft, curly and a total lover girl, Pansy is a 7-year-old, female Yorkie-Poo (Yorkie/Poodle). She's quite spunky and very clean and would love to love on you forever starting today? @W1C26 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Paisley! Sometimes being a happy, affectionate and lovable Pit Bull like Paisley isn't enough. It takes a human with the genuine capacity to love and protect, to make her life beautiful. @W4C33 Pound Buddies 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org