I'm Moose! Moose is a one-of-a-kind, well-travelled boy. He's an experienced prison therapy dog and is eager to become a member of a real family. He'd like your lap to himself. @OSR 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Bogart! Curious and adventuresome, Bogart is a 1-year-old boy with a beautiful spirit and an eagerness to please. A quiet, loving and faithful companion-in-waiting. He'll show you how to enjoy life. @W1C30 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Dante! Ask Dante and he'll tell you age is just a number. A spunky 12-year-old, he enjoys taking walks and being someone's best friend. Who could ask for more? @W1C27 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Diesel! Diesel is a playful Husky mix, whose favorite place is outdoors. If you have a home without small children, he'll fill it to the rafters with fun, companionship and love. @W3C37 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Ember! Ember is a sweet, young girl whose favorite game is fetch. She also thinks she's a lapdog, where cuddling and affection are the soup d'jour. A smart, lovely young lady. @W3C34 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Heath! Heath's 6-years-old and finds joy in simple things like stuffed toys and those people who show him a little kindness and affection. A super-sweet, pouty-faced boy with love to give. @W4C30 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Jurnee! Hi. I'm Jurnee and I love meeting people.I 'm very affectionate, young and smart, too. I can't wait to meet the person who'll love me forever. Could that be you? @W2C30 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Mamas! Mamas is a 3-year-old Chocolate Lab mix, with expressive eyes and an eager disposition. Shy at first, she'll soon be glued to your side as a lifelong, adoring companion. @W1C34 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Monroe! With soulful eyes and a loving heart, Monroe wants to be the center of your world, with no other pets or children to interfere. She's a cautious, 1-year-old, Boxer mix. @W1C38 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
Rusty My name's Rusty, a 7-year-old Cattle Dog mix, who loves chew toys. But, my favorite thing is to go swimming. It won't be long and the beach will be calling! MuskegonHumaneSociety.org 231-773-8689