I'm Dixie! Hi. I'm Dixie and this is my "what are we doing" face. I'm a young girl, with lots to learn, but I'm smart and eager for you to teach me. @W3C28 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Bella! Despite her look, Bella is a happy, affectionate girl whose tail never stops wagging. Great in the car or on a leash, she is simply a sweet, beautiful soul. @W2C25 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Beckett! Shy but curious, Beckett will need patience and a person who'll keep him close and let him feel safe. Once bonded through trust, he'll be an awesome companion and friend. @W2C26 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
I'm Alfie! No one knows what made Alfie so shy but, he still loves to cuddle and be close. A calm, comforting home will allow his sweet personality to fully blossom. @W2C23. 231-767-0921 www.poundbuddies.org
GEORGE & WEEZIE George and Weezie are 10-year-old Rat Terriers that found themselves abandoned at the shelter door step with nothing more than a note and each other. Please consider adopting them together. MuskegonHumaneSociety.org 231-773-8689
Rusty My name's Rusty, a 7-year-old Cattle Dog mix, who loves chew toys. But, my favorite thing is to go swimming. It won't be long and the beach will be calling! MuskegonHumaneSociety.org 231-773-8689