10:00 AM Aug 2, 2013
This week's cooler temperatures haven’t slowed down attendance at Coast Guard Festival events, but they have slowed the number of emergency calls.
12:00 PM Aug 2, 2013
Gasoline prices are gyrating like Coast Guard Festival carnival rides.
11:26 AM Aug 1, 2013
Have you looked to see if you or your friends were spotted by Tribune cameras this week at the Coast Guard Festival?
5:00 PM Aug 1, 2013
No surprise here: The annual Coast Guard Festival dominates the weekend, Aug. 2-4.
12:00 PM Aug 1, 2013
Beyond cyclonic carnival rides, the drum beat of parades and nightly waterfront shows, the Coast Guard Festival distills to one heartfelt event: Friday's National Memorial Service.
8:00 AM Aug 1, 2013
Downtown Grand Haven has been transformed into a carnival this week.