7:55 AM Jun 14, 2015
A church in suburban Detroit is returning an altar cloth donated by a World War II veteran to the German church from which it came.
3:00 PM Mar 31, 2015
Elvis Presley had one; so did Clark Gable. It was even the sedan of presidents. Then the name vanished amid an invasion of newer luxury cars from Europe and Asia.
5:54 PM Feb 24, 2015
A Detroit suburb with numerous hookah cafes is making moves to restrict and regulate them.
8:00 AM Jan 31, 2015
A former contractor for Ford Motor Co. has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that says he was fired for criticizing the automaker's efforts to support the gay community.
4:02 PM Dec 28, 2014
The American Civil Liberties Union is taking the side of Christian evangelists in a First Amendment case at a federal appeals court, despite what it calls "hate-filled speech" directed at Muslims at a Detroit-area street festival.
9:07 AM Dec 8, 2014
Two things are missing in the body shop of the revamped Ford Rouge Center, which includes the Dearborn Truck assembly plant making the 2015 F-150 out of aluminum: sparks and noise.
7:53 AM Jul 19, 2014
Dozens of Pinto enthusiasts will spend the weekend driving their vintage Ford economy cars around the Detroit area as part of an annual event.
11:02 AM Dec 18, 2013
About 2.9 million Michigan residents are expected to travel 50 miles or more from home during the upcoming Christmas holiday period.
5:54 PM Dec 13, 2013
Ford Motor Co. says it will hire more than 11,000 people in the U.S. and Asia next year to support an aggressive rollout of new vehicles.
3:55 PM Nov 22, 2013
AAA Michigan forecasts about 1.3 million Michigan residents will travel during the Thanksgiving holiday period next week.