10:00 AM Aug 13, 2013
When a new program that provides work experience for high school students at Grand Haven State Park sought applicants in the spring, James Brady jumped at the opportunity.
4:00 PM Aug 9, 2013
Educators might soon be graded differently.
9:59 AM Aug 5, 2013
As the new school year approaches, local organizations are collecting supplies to start kids off on the right foot.
8:00 AM Aug 2, 2013
(FULL STORY) Grand Haven Area Public Schools has recalled all 10 teachers who were laid off earlier this summer as the district grappled with a $3 million deficit for the upcoming school year.
3:01 PM Aug 1, 2013
Due to a changing financial picture for the 2013-14 school year, Grand Haven Area Public Schools is recalling all 10 of the teachers who were laid off in June due to budget issues.
8:15 PM Jul 31, 2013
A bipartisan bill that would reduce the costs of borrowing for millions of students passed the House on Wednesday and was heading to President Barack Obama for his signature.
4:00 PM Jul 25, 2013
The more than 60 students learning English as a second language in Grand Haven schools are becoming more proficient at it.
9:18 PM Jul 24, 2013
An independent panel of educators is recommending a new statewide evaluation system for Michigan public school teachers and administrators that would include announced and unannounced classroom observations.
11:55 AM Jul 23, 2013
Parents of children not quite ready for kindergarten have a new option in the Tri-Cities.
11:04 AM Jul 22, 2013
Increasing student enrollment means additional square feet for one local charter school.