1:00 PM Oct 4, 2015
A man whose legal name is Santa Claus is running for a City Council seat in the tiny Alaska town of North Pole.
6:00 PM Nov 21, 2014
Democratic state Rep. Sean McCann said he'll request a recount in the 20th District state Senate race, which a preliminary count shows him losing by 59 votes.
2:00 PM Nov 21, 2014
It appears that less than half of registered voters actually taking the time to vote is the new normal.
11:55 AM Nov 9, 2014
Democrats' plan to spoil Gov. Rick Snyder's re-election was clear from the beginning: coax a lot more of their sporadic voters to cast ballots this time around.
8:05 AM Nov 8, 2014
Several days have now passed since the 2014 general election, and county election workers have had a chance to analyze how Ottawa County voted.
3:32 PM Nov 7, 2014
Voters made clear Tuesday that they're worried about the economy, despite steady job gains, a robust stock market and faster economic growth this year.
2:02 PM Nov 7, 2014
White voters of all ages were less likely to back Democrats this year than in elections past, helping Republicans nationwide but most acutely in the South — and overpowering Democratic efforts to turn out their core supporters among blacks and Hispanics.
11:07 AM Nov 7, 2014
Republicans' resounding victory gives them an opportunity to push legislation that's been bottled up in the Democratic Senate, from targeting elements of President Barack Obama's health care law to constructing the Keystone XL oil pipeline to rolling back environmental regulations.
9:43 AM Nov 6, 2014
A newly re-elected Gov. Rick Snyder is hoping to achieve his No. 1 unfinished priority — increasing taxes to improve the roads — before his second term even starts.
9:00 AM Nov 6, 2014
Michigan's newly elected Democratic senator, Gary Peters, pledged Wednesday to work with majority Republicans when he joins the Senate, saying he wants to follow the lead of his predecessor who is retiring after 36 years of service.
7:28 PM Nov 5, 2014
One day after sweeping Republican election gains, President Barack Obama and incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pledged to try to turn divided government into a force for good rather than gridlock on Wednesday, yet warned of veto showdowns as well.
4:40 PM Nov 5, 2014
(UPDATED: Wednesday 4:40 p.m.) Here are the unofficial results from Tuesday's voting:
12:00 PM Nov 5, 2014
Elections officials say there was a good turnout Tuesday for voting in Ottawa County.
11:00 AM Nov 5, 2014
Voters have spoken, and they’ve decided to approve a millage aimed at improving the county’s roads.
10:00 AM Nov 5, 2014
A suspenseful storyline ended happily ever after for supporters of a 0.5-mill proposal that will bestow full Spring Lake District Library services upon Crockery Township residents.
9:00 AM Nov 5, 2014
A Harbor Transit ballot proposal hit the passing lane Tuesday as voters approved expanding the dial-a-ride service into Spring Lake Township, 3,365 to 2,245.
8:00 AM Nov 5, 2014
When voters in the Grand Haven school district went to the polls, they had to decide between five write-in candidates vying for one two-year seat. As of midnight, newcomer Nichol Stack was out in front with 509 votes.