12:08 AM Jul 10, 2014
There will be two men on the minds of many at the Buc Open golf tournament on Friday —Robin Bye and Steve Hewitt.
7:15 PM Jul 9, 2014
UPDATED: Buccaneers' coach collapsed while jogging Tuesday afternoon.
7:01 PM Jul 9, 2014
Four U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration employees saw or heard a handcuffed San Diego student locked in a cell for five days without food or water, but did nothing because they assumed someone else was responsible, investigators said Tuesday.
5:36 PM Jul 9, 2014
I was coaching my son’s Tri-Cities Kids League team Tuesday evening when I felt the familiar buzz of my cellphone ringing in my pocket.
5:00 PM Jul 9, 2014
Billy of Grand Haven asked, “I was wondering if the Tribune warned us of the (recent) bridge road work? If so, I missed it. The manner in which the lanes were coned off and law enforcement was directing traffic … was insanely wrong and the cause of much of the congestion. Not to mention lots of road rage!"
3:30 PM Jul 9, 2014
Surrounded by thousands of packages of marijuana, Seattle's top prosecutor sought some advice: Which one should he buy?
3:25 PM Jul 9, 2014
Washington state's first recreational marijuana stores began opening for business Tuesday, more than a year and a half after voters decided to legalize, tax and regulate pot.
3:02 PM Jul 9, 2014
When do human rights clash with common sense? In my opinion, It happens too often.
2:48 PM Jul 9, 2014
(UPDATED: Wednesday at 4:45 p.m.) Numerous people strolling the boardwalk watched police pull a body from the north side of the Grand River channel this morning.
2:01 PM Jul 9, 2014
We hear all the time about how we shouldn’t text while we’re driving. But with a recent rash of accidents — possibly including a fatal crash in which an Indiana man perished after rear-ending a semi-truck this past weekend — it’s worth reiterating the fact that texting isn’t the only distraction drivers should avoid.
1:02 PM Jul 9, 2014
Some are saying this past Fourth of July holiday weekend’s fireworks-filled celebrations may have gone too far.
1:00 PM Jul 9, 2014
A for-profit education company sought to reassure nervous students Tuesday that they'll be able to finish their degrees even though their campuses were being closed amid concerns from the Education Department about its practices.
12:00 PM Jul 9, 2014
It’s tradition for Coast Guard members to give ship tours and wave in parades, but some of them will also be found on center stage at this year’s Coast Guard Festival.
11:03 AM Jul 9, 2014
It’s not your imagination if you think you spent more time in rain water than in lake or pool water this summer.
10:30 AM Jul 9, 2014
Elsholz holds on for one-stroke win at GAM Women’s Championship
9:03 AM Jul 9, 2014
Mud Day was even muddier than usual this year.
8:01 AM Jul 9, 2014
Thumbs up to Grand Haven’s Keegan Findley and Hunter Scharphorn ...