11:05 PM Jul 2, 2014
Muskegon Lakeshore Figure Skating Club shines at Grand Rapids Open
6:55 PM Jul 2, 2014
The Michigan Department of Transportation is lifting traffic restrictions on 110 of 145 projects statewide for the busy Fourth of July holiday weekend.
5:25 PM Jul 2, 2014
Abby Cole’s athletic talents are well-known around West Michigan, and across the state.
5:14 PM Jul 2, 2014
The National Weather Service has issued another warning for dangerous swimming on Lake Michigan beaches.
5:00 PM Jul 2, 2014
Marie of Spring Lake Township asked, "As you are coming into Spring Lake from Grand Haven, there is no guardrail or anything along the side of the road there. Why is this? Even going 15-20 mph around there in the winter can send a car sliding. I know this from personal experience!"
4:09 PM Jul 2, 2014
AVP player and Grand Haven-native Stevo VanderWerp had wanted to put on a beach clinic in his hometown for years. This week he was finally able to make it a reality.
3:55 PM Jul 2, 2014
Michigan imposed a quarantine on shipments of fir trees and some timber products from outside the state to protect the state's nearly 14 million fir trees from an invasive insect that is difficult to eradicate, officials said.
3:03 PM Jul 2, 2014
I’m thinking ahead today to Independence Day and the long holiday weekend. I’m thinking about a day off work and fireworks; and hot dogs, hamburgers and s’mores cooked over flame.
2:03 PM Jul 2, 2014
Several weeks back, Grand Haven City Council gave the OK for its administration to pursue a bond issue for several big projects headed the city’s way.
1:56 PM Jul 2, 2014
A tipped truck caused a little distraction for drivers headed north on U.S. 31 on Wednesday.
1:04 PM Jul 2, 2014
There will be no emergency siren test in Ottawa County this month.
12:00 PM Jul 2, 2014
Michigan blueberries are expecting to see more frosty temperatures this year, but this time it’ll be in freezers for snacking purposes.
11:00 AM Jul 2, 2014
Law enforcement officials in Michigan are stepping up patrols aimed at stopping drunken drivers over the next two weeks.
10:21 AM Jul 2, 2014
Thumbs up to dads for taking care of the kids and doing housework.
10:00 AM Jul 2, 2014
As summer gets started, Grand Haven’s 2014 summer community art project is taking shape.
9:25 AM Jul 2, 2014
U.S. auto sales grew at the fastest pace in eight years in June, surprising the industry and setting it up for a strong second half of the year.