5:51 PM Jul 29, 2015
A fugitive has been arrested after federal agents saw his photo in a Washington state newspaper that ran a story about a low-budget horror movie.
4:59 PM Jul 29, 2015
Abbie of Grand Haven asked, “How does Scoopie stay cool when he/she is out at parades and other events? That costume has got to be hot inside.”
3:54 PM Jul 29, 2015
The National Wildlife Federation accused the U.S. Transportation Department on Tuesday of not enforcing a federal law that requires pipeline owners and operators to establish safety response plans for worst-case oil spills in lakes, rivers and other waterways.
3:00 PM Jul 29, 2015
The recent undercover video of a Planned Parenthood executive casually discussing fetal organ harvesting over lunch is shocking to many, but it really shouldn’t be surprising.
2:02 PM Jul 29, 2015
The beach report gives you an up-close look at conditions at our area beaches
2:00 PM Jul 29, 2015
Is Ottawa County responding appropriately to what its residents want? Or is it encroaching on the business of local media?
12:58 PM Jul 29, 2015
A door-to-door saleswoman whose tactics have been criticized by residents is no longer allowed to sell books in Ludington after city officials moved to revoke her vendor registration.
12:00 PM Jul 29, 2015
Grand Haven’s street names are infused with history, from the way they got their names to the suffixes that come after them.
11:46 AM Jul 29, 2015
A 20-year-old Dorr man was in good condition at a Grand Rapids hospital following a rollover crash late Tuesday night on I-96 near 32nd Avenue.
11:00 AM Jul 29, 2015
Some Detroit-area residents fed up with the crummy condition of certain streets are taking matters into their own hands.
10:00 AM Jul 29, 2015
Music and excitement drifted throughout Mulligan’s Hollow on Tuesday.
8:47 AM Jul 29, 2015
Apartment rents are up. So are prices for restaurant meals, haircuts, gym memberships and a cup of coffee.