10:00 AM Aug 26, 2013
As their fellow students enjoy summer vacation, the staff of Grand Haven High School's student newspaper has been hard at work.
8:00 AM Aug 26, 2013
When the door to the jail cell closed and locked behind her, Lori Joseph-Shaw made an inward decision this would be the last time. I want to be sober, she vowed to herself.
7:00 AM Aug 26, 2013
A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly sunny, with a high near 87.
10:58 PM Aug 25, 2013
Spikers go 11-1 en route to championship
6:02 PM Aug 25, 2013
The state of Michigan has agreed to pay $110,000 to settle a lawsuit by four horse racing stewards who claim they lost jobs or had hours cut because they were perceived to support a Republican for governor in the 2006 election.
4:00 PM Aug 25, 2013
A West Michigan pastor who was told about suspected child abuse can't be prosecuted for failing to report it, the state appeals court said Friday, citing a law that gives clergy protection in cases dealing with confidential information.
3:28 PM Aug 25, 2013
An ambulance transported a Grand Haven woman to the hospital following a 2:30 p.m. crash at a turn-around on Beacon Boulevard near Madison Street this afternoon.
2:00 PM Aug 25, 2013
"Parenting: From Survival to Success" is a class that will be taught at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services North Shore Clinic.
11:54 AM Aug 25, 2013
Forty acres of history is parked behind the walls of Joe’s Auto and Truck Parts.
10:02 AM Aug 25, 2013
A coalition of religious leaders said it's time for a group to end 10 years of anti-Israel protests outside a synagogue in Ann Arbor.
7:51 AM Aug 25, 2013
The other day, as I was making my rounds as chaplain at the Hume Home in Muskegon, I met a lady who was a classmate of the well-known evangelist Billy Graham.
6:05 AM Aug 25, 2013
Mostly sunny, with a high near 82. South wind 10 to 18 mph.
6:00 PM Aug 24, 2013
Some Michigan lawmakers are looking to lift the 70 mph cap on highway speeds and making other changes to reduce speed traps.
4:00 PM Aug 24, 2013
"Healing Relationships" blogger Alishia DeVries says we all have the capability of being both harmful and harmless in relationships, and she offers help when you find out your partner is the latter.
3:00 PM Aug 24, 2013
Local business officials say the results of a recent survey on the effectiveness of Industrial Facility Tax exemptions are providing positive signs of a healthier economy.