6:02 AM Nov 3, 2012
Dry and chilly.
12:06 AM Nov 3, 2012
Roger of Grand Haven asked, "Can you tell me how many salmon were planted this year by the Grand Haven Steelheaders?"
12:06 AM Nov 3, 2012
Down to a fierce finish, President Barack Obama accused Mitt Romney of scaring voters with lies on Friday, while the Republican challenger warned grimly of political paralysis and another recession if Obama reclaims the White House.
11:53 PM Nov 2, 2012
A year ago, Spring Lake girls cross country coach Aaron Andres had the tough job of sympathizing with his group of runners who missed out on achieving their season-long goal by the slimmest of margins.
11:48 PM Nov 2, 2012
By their own admission, Grand Haven's boys cross country team had a good, but not a great, season.
11:45 PM Nov 2, 2012
The cast and crew have changed, but the results have remained the same for the Grand Haven girls cross country team.
6:05 PM Nov 2, 2012
Welcome to Trib Tips, a new column designed to help save you time, money and effort in your daily life.
5:04 PM Nov 2, 2012
It's a rare treat in pricing, but sometimes what goes up does come down. Due to new drilling technologies and an abundance of supply being generated on American soil, natural gas prices have dropped by 60 percent since 2008.
5:04 PM Nov 2, 2012
Are you ready to come down from your Halloween sugar buzz?
5:03 PM Nov 2, 2012
Adults aren't the only ones heading to the polls for Election Day.
5:03 PM Nov 2, 2012
Intermittent lane closures for road work will be in place from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday on Beacon Boulevard.
4:02 PM Nov 2, 2012
Authorities said they've solved a 2007 killing with the filing of charges against an imprisoned sex offender.
12:02 PM Nov 2, 2012
A Grand Haven plastic extruded components manufacturer is moving north – to Spring Lake Township.
11:12 AM Nov 2, 2012
Voters in the Allegan County towns of Saugatuck and Douglas could vote next year about whether to combine the communities.
10:57 AM Nov 2, 2012
(UPDATED: 11 a.m. Friday - new pictures) Getting into Grand Haven on Thursday was a bit difficult - from the north or the south.