9:07 AM Oct 30, 2012
As millions along the East Coast braced for Hurricane Sandy on Monday, West Michigan battened down the hatches for high winds.
8:02 AM Oct 30, 2012
The reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a man sought in a string of shootings along a busy Michigan freeway corridor has been raised to $102,000.
7:02 AM Oct 30, 2012
Rain and wind.
6:07 AM Oct 30, 2012
The wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is calling on supporters in northern and west Michigan to turn out the vote on Election Day.
11:03 PM Oct 29, 2012
Now that it's at the crunch time of their season, Grand Haven's volleyball players are feeding off the motivation of trying to become the first team in program history to advance past the regional round.
10:57 PM Oct 29, 2012
Much of New York was plunged into darkness Monday by a superstorm that overflowed the city's historic waterfront, flooded the financial district and subway tunnels and cut power to nearly a million people.
10:48 PM Oct 29, 2012
The massive storm formerly known as Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast and was expected to join up with two other weather systems to create a huge and problematic storm affecting 50 million people. Here's a snapshot of what is happening or expected, state by state.
10:43 PM Oct 29, 2012
Hester of Grand Haven asked, "What are the rules as to what is allowed for a recreational fire on the private property of a person living in the city?"
7:16 PM Oct 29, 2012
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7:04 PM Oct 29, 2012
A furious Hurricane Sandy made the westward lurch that forecasters feared and took dead aim at New Jersey and Delaware on Monday, washing away part of the Atlantic City boardwalk, putting the presidential campaign on hold and threatening to cripple Wall Street and the New York subway system with an epic surge of seawater.
6:56 PM Oct 29, 2012
Hurricane Sandy will be hitting West Michigan by Tuesday. Here are the top five ways it will impact us locally.
5:15 PM Oct 29, 2012
Editor's note: This is the second in a three-part series on low water levels and how they are impacting the area. Water levels are nearing record lows, providing a breeding ground for potential environmental problems along the lakes and rivers connected to Lake Michigan.
5:15 PM Oct 29, 2012
The San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers to win the 2012 World Series.