5:21 PM Oct 31, 2012
Emergency crews were called to the Bass River Recreation Area shortly after 9 this morning when a hunter fell and was trapped hanging almost upside down in a tree.
5:09 PM Oct 31, 2012
(UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, OCT. 31, 5 p.m.) Spring Lake residents Vern and Amy DeBoer are toughing out the East Coast "superstorm" in New York City.
2:02 PM Oct 31, 2012
Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said sample ballots for next week's election are available online.
12:02 PM Oct 31, 2012
A 33-year-old Michigan man faces up to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to traveling to West Virginia to have sex with a minor.
11:07 AM Oct 31, 2012
A memorial service for a father and son killed in what police said was a murder-suicide was held Tuesday afternoon at the Sytsema Chapel in Muskegon.
9:03 AM Oct 31, 2012
Officials said two more Michigan residents have died as a result of the national meningitis outbreak.
8:02 AM Oct 31, 2012
High winds ripping through the area on Tuesday caused little damage. While Hurricane Sandy - later downgraded to a "superstorm" - slammed the East Coast, high winds stirred up waves on Lake Michigan, but not quite as high as was forecasted.
7:02 AM Oct 31, 2012
Will rain dampen Halloween?
6:02 AM Oct 31, 2012
A school principal in Kalamazoo County has been charged with sexually abusing a male student.
10:28 PM Oct 30, 2012
A 41-year-old Grand Rapids man is dead after shooting himself at a gun range.
10:25 PM Oct 30, 2012
The Lakers' varsity volleyball team picked a great time to start firing on all cylinders.
7:39 PM Oct 30, 2012
The most devastating storm in decades to hit the country's most densely populated region upended man and nature as it rolled back the clock on 21st-century lives, cutting off modern communication and leaving millions without power Tuesday as thousands who fled their water-menaced homes wondered when - if - life would return to normal.
7:38 PM Oct 30, 2012
AccuWeather.com reports some of the most impressive statistics gathered from the terrible storm Sandy.
5:46 PM Oct 30, 2012
A wind advisory is in effect for most of Michigan until 8 p.m. Tuesday as a result of the storm hitting the Atlantic coast.