9:00 AM Sep 13, 2014
The North Ottawa Community Health System is phasing out its midwife maternity services over the next 90 days.
8:00 AM Sep 13, 2014
Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a bill to clarify that Michigan never intended to give out-of-state companies a lower tax liability in a 2007 business tax overhaul.
7:00 AM Sep 13, 2014
The delectable aroma of freshly cooked fish filled the waterfront as a light rain fell Friday evening.
6:00 AM Sep 13, 2014
Take a jacket, and a maybe an umbrella, to the Grand Haven Salmon Festival today.
11:57 PM Sep 12, 2014
Nathan Kriger rushes for 177 yards, 3 touchdowns for Trojans
11:55 PM Sep 12, 2014
Scott gallops for 203 yards, 3 scores for Crusaders
11:52 PM Sep 12, 2014
Several Lakers reach the end zone in impressive victory
10:04 PM Sep 12, 2014
Haven wears purple jerseys for Bucs Pride contest
7:12 PM Sep 12, 2014
Police on Friday discovered the body of a man in a Crockery Township home who had been dead “for some time.”
6:00 PM Sep 12, 2014
Here's the final scores of Friday night's games:
5:00 PM Sep 12, 2014
Alice of Spring Lake Township asked, “Could you find out what happens to a person's absentee ballot when it is turned into the Spring Lake Township clerk?"
4:15 PM Sep 12, 2014
Recently, I read a blog posting by teacher Chase Mielke titled “What Students Really Need to Hear.” Mielke wrote this essay at 4 a.m. because, like many of us working in an education environment, “turning it off” can be difficult and cause sleepless nights.
3:29 PM Sep 12, 2014
A few months back, our editorial staff published an opinion piece bashing the Cold Water Challenge — a fad that swept across social media in which individuals would call out others to jump into an icy lake or else donate $100 to charity.
2:45 PM Sep 12, 2014
Two more people have come forward to say they were assaulted as children by a retired Michigan police sergeant charged with sexual misconduct when he worked at the Flint Police Department in the 1990s, police said.
2:00 PM Sep 12, 2014
The bike and pedestrian trail along the bridge connecting Robinson and Crockery townships could serve as a memorial to a local Civil War hero, thanks to legislation unanimously approved by the Michigan House of Representatives, announced state Rep. Amanda Price.
12:58 PM Sep 12, 2014
The Grand Rapids airport received a $7.2 million federal grant for a stormwater facility to limit the impact of deicing fluid on local waterways.
12:00 PM Sep 12, 2014
A Spring Lake woman continues her long recovery from injuries she suffered in a 2011 fall at the Spring Lake Fitness and Aquatic Center.