7:54 AM Jan 4, 2014
The general manager of the municipal power company serving Michigan's capital city has apologized for leaving the state on vacation shortly after an ice storm knocked out power to 40 percent of its customers.
7:05 AM Jan 4, 2014
And there's more to come. The following is a state-by-state breakdown of the wicked winter weather.
6:01 AM Jan 4, 2014
Some snow, windy and turning sharply colder Sunday night. A wind chill watch is in effect from late Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon.
12:40 AM Jan 4, 2014
The Fruitport boys basketball team lost on the road at Ludington on Friday, 67-54.
12:37 AM Jan 4, 2014
Noah Lein's late free throw clinches win over Mona Shores
12:16 AM Jan 4, 2014
Grand Haven girls basketball sees win streak end at 57 following loss at Mona Shores
12:04 AM Jan 4, 2014
SL girls come up short in OT at OV
7:04 PM Jan 3, 2014
A fire destroyed several suites and caused part of the roof to collapse at Fifth Third Ballpark on Friday.
5:00 PM Jan 3, 2014
Randi of Spring Lake asked, "A friend insists the desk used to sign the Japanese surrender ending World War II was made in Grand Rapids. Is that true?"
4:00 PM Jan 3, 2014
The parents of a 12-year-old southwestern Michigan boy who died in a crash in which his 14-year-old friend was behind the wheel said the two had had sneaked out in the middle of the night for a joy ride.
3:40 PM Jan 3, 2014
As it returns for its much-awaited fourth season, "Downton Abbey" remains a saga about elegance, tradition and gentility — and the pressures of preserving them.
3:03 PM Jan 3, 2014
If you're old enough, recall the Vietnam War demonstrations, White House in the background, young protesters chanting "Hell, no! We won't go!"
2:00 PM Jan 3, 2014
If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that the topic of road quality in Michigan is always on people’s minds.
1:06 PM Jan 3, 2014
To the Editor: To choose to terminate a pregnancy is actually a legitimate moral choice. Religious and civil laws are all man-made in origin.
12:22 PM Jan 3, 2014
Several crews are responding to a fire at Fifth Third Ballpark.