1:01 PM Jun 20, 2012
Kevin Newton says providing assistance to people in need is a privilege.
12:01 PM Jun 20, 2012
All systems appear "go' for a new manager to take the village helm.
10:28 AM Jun 20, 2012
Evie Lorimer's softball statistics are staggering.
10:25 AM Jun 20, 2012
It's no exaggeration to say that Kalamazoo's Susan Campbell and Jayne VanderMolen have been friends their entire lives.
8:01 AM Jun 20, 2012
Spring Lake Public Schools will cut up to 36 percent of its paraprofessional staff for the coming school year.
7:00 AM Jun 20, 2012
It's going to be hotter today. The beach hazard alert remains in effect for Grand Haven State Park through this evening, and another ozone action day is posted for today.
5:00 AM Jun 20, 2012
A former Grand Haven Township firefighter charged with drunk driving was ordered to get counseling and sentenced to pay fines and costs.
10:01 PM Jun 19, 2012
The body of a man found in Lake Michigan at Pere Marquette Park this week has been identified.
10:00 PM Jun 19, 2012
Merriam-Webster's defines a thrift store as being a shop that sells secondhand articles, especially clothes and is often run for charitable purposes. But for the Grand Haven community, St. John's Thrift Store was much more.
9:59 PM Jun 19, 2012
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Tuesday that his campaign is "thoroughly vetting" Marco Rubio as it searches for a running mate despite reports that the Florida senator is not being considered.
8:06 PM Jun 19, 2012
Michigan joined a growing number of states with laws aimed at snuffing out so-called synthetic marijuana on Tuesday when the governor signed legislation outlawing the substances, which are often sold under the names Spice or K2 in stores.
6:43 PM Jun 19, 2012
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has declared today (Tuesday) to be an action day for elevated levels of ozone.
5:00 PM Jun 19, 2012
Many recipes are ageless. You can improve on some things, but others are just best done the way they've been done for centuries.
1:01 PM Jun 19, 2012
Lint buildup in a clothes dryer is believed to be the cause of a small fire Monday at a Grand Haven laundromat.