2:10 PM May 6, 2013
Bucs' girls place 2nd in Division 1 standings
1:53 PM May 6, 2013
Lakers beat Grandville, Jenison to take first
1:50 PM May 6, 2013
Injuries and damages were minor in a semi-tractor trailer versus car crash early this afternoon on southbound U.S. 31 at Ferris Street.
1:00 PM May 6, 2013
A trail aimed at linking the Grand River corridor in West Michigan is still in the planning stages.
12:00 PM May 6, 2013
When an area tree covered with shoes dangling by their laces became an item for local newspapers and television several years ago, it brought awareness to a phenomenon and a legend associated with its origin.
10:05 AM May 6, 2013
Bucs win finale of LAX Fest at Spring Lake
10:02 AM May 6, 2013
Trojans take runner-up at Muskegon County Tournament
10:00 AM May 6, 2013
Michigan officials are considering thinning out some of the 3 million acres of state-owned land.
9:59 AM May 6, 2013
Contest was designated as Cancer Awareness game
8:00 AM May 6, 2013
City officials have paved the way for what they hope is the final crosswalk repair job at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Harbor Drive.
7:00 AM May 6, 2013
Sunny, with a high near 66.
4:00 PM May 5, 2013
It turns out dealing with the historic flooding that damaged Bruce Ling's Grand Rapids-area home is the easy part.
2:00 PM May 5, 2013
The ex-boyfriend of a Lansing woman has been convicted in the slaying and torture of her 2-year-old son.
12:00 PM May 5, 2013
Oakland County's outspoken Republican executive likened House Speaker Jase Bolger to Adolf Hitler on Friday, saying the "arrogant" Republican embarrassed himself by removing Democrats from committee assignments.
10:00 AM May 5, 2013
Remember the story of the Greek mathematician Archemides, who ran through the streets of Athens wet and naked shouting, “Eureka, I have found it!”? He was so excited about his discovery of how to measure density by water displacement (his own while bathing in the tub) that he forgot he didn’t have any clothes on.
8:00 AM May 5, 2013
Almost five years have passed since a study showed poor criminal defendants are routinely processed through Michigan's justice system without ever speaking to an attorney in violation of the Constitution.