9:00 AM Jan 7, 2013
A law signed this week by Lt. Gov. Brian Calley requires that Michigan crime victims be notified of certain situations involving the defendants who perpetrated crimes against them.
8:00 AM Jan 7, 2013
Last week, a group of pediatricians said in a statement published in a recent Pediatrics trade journal that school recess is a crucial and necessary component during a child's development. Based on their research, the doctors said recess and free time helps students develop communication skills like cooperation and sharing.
7:00 AM Jan 7, 2013
Mostly sunny, with a high near 36.
6:00 PM Jan 6, 2013
Three popular brands of baby mattresses that were marketed in recent months to families and day care centers contained toxic flame retardants linked to increased cancer risk, according to laboratory tests conducted for the Chicago Tribune.
4:00 PM Jan 6, 2013
Eric Lewis Harm's mother said her son was as an incredibly benevolent, caring person, and that his family will — over time — find the best way to honor the combat veteran's life.
2:00 PM Jan 6, 2013
"Avalanche of Adventure" is the theme of this year’s reading club for adults at Spring Lake District Library.
12:00 PM Jan 6, 2013
The Church of England said Friday that it will allow gay men to become bishops — putting it closer to its sister Episcopal Church in the United States, but at odds with many conservatives in the worldwide Anglican Communion.
10:00 AM Jan 6, 2013
An international, non-denominational Christian youth organization will host an informational meeting in Spring Lake at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 9.
8:00 AM Jan 6, 2013
Take equal parts Dr. Phil and Mother Teresa, stir in a youth tainted by dysfunction, drugs and living on the streets, and you have the man behind one of the fastest-growing, most successful homeless programs in Central Florida.
6:00 PM Jan 5, 2013
December was a challenging month on my quest to lose 50 pounds by Oct 1. When I set the goal to do so in one year, it seemed like plenty of time to accomplish such a feat.
4:00 PM Jan 5, 2013
Cecilia Potts grew up in Grand Haven, graduated from Grand Haven High School in 1998, became a professional cyclist and was inducted into the Grand Haven High School Hall of Fame in 2012.
2:00 PM Jan 5, 2013
Matt Sanders, pastor of family ministries at Journey Christian Church in Apopka, Fla., said navigating the church's old website on his iPhone and iPad was an ordeal.
12:00 PM Jan 5, 2013
Shipwrecks are popping up around Harbor Island, but there are also sunken relics in Spring Lake.
10:00 AM Jan 5, 2013
As the levels of the Great Lakes and their connecting waterways hit record lows, local history buffs are excited about what might emerge from the once-hidden depths.
9:00 AM Jan 5, 2013
Soldiers from the Michigan Army National Guard are preparing for a 12-month deployment to Liberia.
8:46 AM Jan 5, 2013
Orioles' girls standout Varenhorst scores 1,000th point in win over Trojans