4:49 PM Jan 2, 2013
(UPDATE: THURSDAY 1:14 P.M.) Canceled.The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids has issued a winter weather advisory for snow, effective from 10 p.m. Wednesday to 4 p.m. Thursday.
4:13 PM Jan 2, 2013
Congress' hectic resolution of the "fiscal cliff" crisis is the latest in a long series of decisions by lawmakers and the White House to do less than promised — and to ask Americans for little sacrifice — in confronting the nation's burgeoning debt.
2:00 PM Jan 2, 2013
Sending someone behind bars might just end up being cheaper for taxpayers in coming years.
1:00 PM Jan 2, 2013
Following the horrific slaughter of the "holy innocents" on Dec. 14, I anxiously waited to see how the first weekly news magazine to come to me in the mail, Newsweek, would report the event.
11:00 AM Jan 2, 2013
With sometimes light-jacket weather and skimpy snowfalls in recent years, many are wondering if traditional Michigan winters are all but a memory.
10:30 AM Jan 2, 2013
A Grand Haven restaurant was evacuated Tuesday morning after the owner received an anonymous threat.
10:25 AM Jan 2, 2013
The past couple of winters have begged the question, “weather, or not?” It's the “not” that has snow-dependent local business owners concerned.
10:24 AM Jan 2, 2013
Annual Adam Provencal wrestling invitational is Saturday in Grand Haven
10:01 AM Jan 2, 2013
Two men died in a two-car crash early on New Year’s Eve at the intersection of Arthur Street and 16th Avenue.
9:00 AM Jan 2, 2013
Michigan’s 38 senators and 110 representatives missed 2,234 votes in 2012, according to the "Missed Votes Report" compiled by Jack McHugh, editor of MichiganVotes.org.
8:00 AM Jan 2, 2013
Noting that nothing lasts forever, Grand Haven City Council recently approved a new policy for donations to the city.
7:00 AM Jan 2, 2013
A 30 percent chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 27. Southwest wind 10 to 15 mph.
5:00 PM Jan 1, 2013
A Michigan commission now has the authority to establish hunting seasons for the gray wolf under a law signed by Gov. Rick Snyder.
3:01 PM Jan 1, 2013
The last song I played on the family Wurlitzer Theatre Organ 950TA was Elvis Presley’s “It’s Now or Never." It was at the request of my daughter, Olivia.
3:00 PM Jan 1, 2013
A federal judge has ruled a property management company owned by the founder of Domino's Pizza doesn't have to immediately implement mandatory contraception coverage in the health care law.
2:37 PM Jan 1, 2013
AD: Nativo Promotion
1:00 PM Jan 1, 2013
Operators of a new Mackinac Island hotel are expected to begin accepting online room reservations soon.