4:02 PM Nov 11, 2012
A Michigan church youth group aims to collect 20,000 Bibles by mid-December for a nonprofit to distribute in Africa and India.
2:02 PM Nov 11, 2012
"Prayer: Our Conversations with God' will be presented at Hope Reformed Church from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 17.
12:02 PM Nov 11, 2012
Seven Steps Up Event Center is hosting a girls' night out fundraiser for The People Center at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13.
10:07 AM Nov 11, 2012
(UPDATE: Friday 6:03 p.m.) A 12-year-old boy took a car for a joyride on Friday afternoon and ended up in the hospital.
10:06 AM Nov 11, 2012
Grand Haven High School students learned from more than their teachers on Friday.
10:02 AM Nov 11, 2012
As soon as Michael Overman announced that he was gay, the Southern Baptist church that raised him - led him to attend an evangelical Christian college and inspired him to pursue ministry - left him feeling abandoned.
8:02 AM Nov 11, 2012
The Supreme Court said Friday it will consider eliminating the government's most potent weapon against racial discrimination at polling places since the 1960s. The court acted three days after a diverse coalition of voters propelled President Barack Obama to a second term in the White House.
5:02 PM Nov 10, 2012
Now and then, a stray dog or cat may show up at your door. Or you may see one wandering aimlessly and scared in a parking lot or street.
4:02 PM Nov 10, 2012
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Friday it will continue extra inspections of the Palisades nuclear power plant despite concluding the plant has been taking care of safety problems plaguing the facility.
2:27 PM Nov 10, 2012
The Michigan Supreme Court is declining to get involved in a dispute over major changes to the teacher retirement system.
1:02 PM Nov 10, 2012
The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids will be updated and expanded under a $15 million fundraising effort, officials announced Friday.
11:32 AM Nov 10, 2012
From the American flag to thank-you cards, Room 712 at Lakeshore Middle School was filled with patriotic decorations on Friday.
10:02 AM Nov 10, 2012
For the first time in 30 years, Joe Eveland didn't kill a buck while hunting in Michigan last fall. The funny thing is, Eveland will long remember this past deer season as one of the most rewarding of his life.
8:32 AM Nov 10, 2012
An unemployed geologist suspected of two-dozen random shootings in southeastern Michigan was charged Friday with attempted murder after police matched his gun to bullet fragments recovered from victims' vehicles.
6:02 AM Nov 10, 2012
Keep the umbrella handy!
11:18 PM Nov 9, 2012
The Muskegon Lakeshore Figure Skating Club participated in the final competition of the Michigan Basic Skills Series on Nov. 3 in Midland.
11:13 PM Nov 9, 2012
For the second time in a month, the Michigan High School Athletic Association has made things easier on the Grand Haven High School athletic department.