6:00 PM Mar 9, 2013
U.S. Sen. Carl Levin's decision not to seek another term gives Michigan Republicans the chance to prove they can win a Senate election, while Democrats are left scrambling to keep a seat that has not been closely contested since the Detroit Tigers last won the World Series in 1984.
4:00 PM Mar 9, 2013
Telecommuting was a hot button a few years ago. We were all supposed to be able to cocoon at home and work in our pajamas.
3:00 PM Mar 9, 2013
When Spring Lake Township Manager Gordon Gallagher unveiled preliminary plans Wednesday for a new fire barn and possible township hall, it didn't take a fire hose to dampen the enthusiasm of the Spring Lake Village Planning Commission.
1:00 PM Mar 9, 2013
A local historical re-enactment is causing a skirmish.
12:00 PM Mar 9, 2013
A proposed settlement with the family of an Illinois man who drowned in 2009 while saving family members from rough waters off southwestern Michigan includes beach safety measures.
11:00 AM Mar 9, 2013
A 17-year-old Spring Lake boy has pleaded guilty to charges related to hosting an underage drinking party in February.
10:00 AM Mar 9, 2013
Authorities said a man impersonated a police officer as part of an effort to get sex from a pair of women at a West Michigan motel.
8:05 AM Mar 9, 2013
(UPDATED WITH COMPLETE LIST) Here's the list of area public kitchens and how many violations they were cited from October 2011 to March 2013.
7:55 AM Mar 9, 2013
Health Department inspects local eateries.
7:00 AM Mar 9, 2013
Police said the body of a 26-year-old man has been found inside a pickup truck in Kalamazoo that had two parking tickets on the vehicle.
6:00 AM Mar 9, 2013
Early spring rain on the way.
11:50 PM Mar 8, 2013
Spring Lake edges Whitehall to win first district title since 1995
11:47 PM Mar 8, 2013
Steffel's 22 points not enough to carry Grand Haven to win
11:41 PM Mar 8, 2013
GH diver Carlson in 10th at Division 1 finals
8:24 PM Mar 8, 2013
An Ottawa County teenager shot in the face while playing Russian roulette has died from his injuries, according to detectives.
5:00 PM Mar 8, 2013
Bob of Grand Haven Township asked, "Where does one go to get their childhood medical records? I've tried North Ottawa Community Hospital, (but was told) they don't keep records going back that far."
3:00 PM Mar 8, 2013
The Michigan Senate approved $21 million in emergency spending Thursday to dredge 49 Great Lakes harbors facing record-low water levels, an initial move that comes as officials search for permanent funding and solutions.