Update: Man who escaped from police car arrested

Becky Vargo • Jul 21, 2015 at 10:57 AM

Bennett said the deputies stopped to talk to the people, then found Mulder hiding behind a bush. He was arrested without any problem and taken to the Ottawa County Jail where he is being lodged on several felony charges.

Mulder escaped from deputies on Sunday in the area of Fillmore Street and 120th Avenue when he was being transported to jail for a parole violation, Bennett said.

Mulder kicked out the patrol car window, and although handcuffed, he was able to get out of the vehicle and ran from deputies. Bennett said he found a vehicle parked nearby with the keys in the ignition and got away.

“That vehicle was largely unused but the owner had left the keys in it,” Bennett said. “Mr. Mulder was able to start that up and drive away.”

Bennett said Mulder went to a family cabin in the Weidman area, northwest of Mt. Pleasant. Monday evening he traveled back to the area of 4 Mile and Alpine, apparently to see his girlfriend, but was instead spotted by police.

Walker police followed Mulder, but found that he had ditched the car in a rural area near Six Mile and Kenowa.

Mulder apparently hid in an apple orchard.

"We now know he stayed there until nightfall Tuesday night," Bennett said. Then Mulder allegedly stole a car from the area of Eighth Avenue and Roosevelt and headed north to the family property, started having car trouble and turned back.

"He drives it back to where he stole it from and dumps it, then takes another car from the same area," Bennett said. Mulder then drove to Coopersville and was located a short time later.

Earlier this week Bennett said Mulder was facing possible felony charges of malicious destruction of police property, escape from custody and vehicle theft in relation to the Sunday escape.

Mulder has previous convictions dating back to 2008 of auto theft, assault, and receiving and concealing stolen goods.

His mother, Dawn Mulder of Lakeview, said her son had just spent 25 days in jail for failing a drug test while on parole when he was arrested Sunday for drinking and disorderly conduct.

“He’s got a terrible problem with substance abuse,” his mother said. “He’s very compulsive — acts before he thinks.”

Mulder is expected to be arraigned today.

WZZM-TV contributed to this story.

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