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GR-area man puts up fence to keep out sex offenders

WZZM-TV • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:11 AM

“To keep them at bay, the sexual predators,” the Wyoming man explained. “I don’t really see anyone scaling a 6-foot high fence.”

But Wyoming building inspectors said Freeman’s fence is too high and violates zoning regulations. He must either lower it, move it closer to his house or face the consequences.

“They told me it’s a $500 fine, and they would send a contractor to remove it and I would have to pay that bill,” Freeman said.

“Fence heights and fence locations protect the community aesthetics and protect property values,” explained Rebecca Rynbrandt, director of community services for the city of Wyoming.

Before installing the fence, Freeman said items were stolen from his yard, and he once found four men in his yard looking into his bathroom window.

“My girlfriend had just gotten out of the shower,” he said. “Two men were on the deck, two more were on the grass.”

Freeman said he bought the house on Judd Avenue to repair, remodel and possibly turn into a residence for his mother. Now he isn’t sure.

“I’d like to keep the fence and I’d like to stay in the city of Wyoming,” Freeman said. “But if I can’t protect my family here, then I think its best for us to move.”

The Wyoming police chief said there are 364 registered sex offenders in the city.

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