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Hope student walking tracks hit, killed by train

WZZM-TV • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:11 AM

Police said a witness saw the 18-year-old victim walking along the tracks, and then saw the train hit him near 12th Street and Lincoln Avenue just after 8:30 p.m.

The train was stopped on the tracks for the investigation for several hours. That closed traffic from crossing the tracks from Ninth to 32nd streets.

Capt. Robert Buursma of the Holland Department of Public Safety said trains come through that part of the city several times a day; however, it has been awhile since they’ve had an incident like Monday night’s fatality occur within the city limits.

“It seems like, more often than not, we’ve had vehicles involved more so than pedestrians, where somebody just tries to beat the train at the light or something like that,” Buursma said. “Typically, pedestrians hear it a little quicker and you don’t frequently have those issues.”

Buursma said they are withholding the victim’s name until family members are notified.

Police are still not sure why the teen was walking on the tracks. Buursma said it appears as though the warning lights and bells were in working order.

Police are asking witnesses or anyone with further information to contact them at (616) 355-1100

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