Old Boys’ Brewhouse employees discover fire in pantry

Becky Vargo • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:13 AM

“We came in to clean and it was a good thing we decided to make dog treats — or we would have been at the other end of the building while it was burning,” employee Pam Paquin said.

Paquin said she could smell something when she entered the building, 971 W. Savidge St., at 6:30 a.m. When co-worker Ann Wagenmaker got there, they headed to the kitchen area where Wagenmaker inspected the ovens.

They weren’t on, Wagenmaker said.

Meanwhile, Paquin entered the pantry and said she saw 1- to-2-feet-high flames shooting out of an outlet.

Paquin yelled that she was getting the fire extinguishers while Wagenmaker called 911. Paquin let loose a spray from the extinguisher and said it appeared the fire was out. They evacuated the building just as police arrived on the scene.

Sgt. Curt Theune of the Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police Department said the fire was pretty much out when he arrived. He said damage appeared to be minimal, but the owners would need to have the electrical system checked before they opened today.

Spring Lake Township firefighters remained on the scene for a short time to look for any possible extension of the fire.

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