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2-year-old girl helps 911 respond to ill relative

AP Wire • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:17 AM

WOOD-TV reported 77-year-old Virginia Claflin placed the call for help Saturday from her North Muskegon home. She said her internal defibrillator activated four times and gave her address, then couldn’t communicate more.

A short time later, Aliya Carrasco picked up the phone and started talking with the operator. On a recording of the call, the girl says her great-grandmother had fallen. When rescuers arrived, the girl told them where to find her great-grandmother.

Alicia Szymczyk, the woman’s granddaughter and Aliya’s mother, said Virginia Claflin was expected to recover.

North Muskegon Fire Chief Steven Lague said he was impressed, in part, by how Aliya reacted given her young age.

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