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Muskegon County deer farmer charged with DNR violations

WZZM-TV • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:23 AM

The papers allow the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to keep track of the movement of live and deceased deer. If a disease such as chronic wasting or tuberculosis is discovered, sick deer can be tracked back to the farm they came from.

Wandering Whitetails on Maple Island Road was checked following a report to the DNR of dead deer. Conservation Officer Greg Patten said there were five dead deer at the farm.

The owner, David Jacobs, was ticketed for improper fencing and failing to submit those dead dear for tuberculosis and chronic wasting tests.

The farm is now closed.

Jacobs was ticketed for failing to maintain records. Paul Czekuc hired a lawyer to defend him on the three misdemeanor charges.

Muskegon attorney David Shafer said the DNR is trying to make an example out of his client for a simple paperwork error. Shafer said Jacobs failed to put the age and sex of two elk and two deer on state forms when the carcasses left the ranch.

Patten said the charges are appropriate, and defends the strict observation and tracking of captive deer and elk over fears disease that might start in captive herds could make its way into the states’ wild deer and elk population.

The charges are pending in Muskegon County District Court. Convictions carry possible fines or a short jail sentence.

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