Car crashes into salon

Krystle Wagner • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:51 AM

Nick Ortquist of Spring Lake was driving his 1999 Saturn east on Jackson Street when he plowed into Jasmine & Company. Ortquist said he looked down for “just a second” before the car hit a curb and ran into the salon at 400 Jackson St.

Although Ortquist, 22, said he didn’t know what speed he was going, he thought he was driving at the speed limit. His airbag deployed when the car hit the building.

“It goes so fast, you can’t really understand it,” Ortquist said of the crash.

A few minutes before the crash, salon owner Jenny Duong said a client had been sitting in a chair near the window.

Duong said she was arranging a display in the business’ other window when she saw the car barreling toward her. Duong said she thought at first the driver would correct the error, but she quickly realized that wouldn't happen. She didn’t know where the car would hit, so she ran farther back into the salon.

Duong said it was like something you would see on TV.

“It’s so surreal,” she said. “(It’s like) that didn’t just happen.”

While Ortquist said he was traveling at the speed limit, Duong said it looked different to her. She thought the crash was caused because Ortquist was speeding and not paying attention.

“He was going pretty fast,” she said.

After the crash, Duong called her husband, Chris, who initially didn’t believe her.

“I thought she was telling me a joke,” he said.

Chris Duong said they didn't know the total cost of damages to the building as of Monday afternoon, but Ortquist said his auto insurance would take care of it.

When Ortquist called his mother to tell her about the crash, MaryJo Ortquist said she thought it involved another car.

At the scene, MaryJo Ortquist said she was glad no one was injured.

“I felt bad for the gal (inside), but it’s an accident,” the Spring Lake woman said.

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