New cars are hitting the street

Marie Havenga • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:03 PM

Norton Shores resident Sara Riesberg bought a new sterling-gray Ford Fusion this past summer, trading in a 2007 Fusion with 75,000 miles in the deal. She said low interest rates helped seal the deal.

“I was waiting for the right moment,” she said. “It was the end of the 2012 models and there were great incentives on the vehicles at the time.”

Riesberg is not alone in the spike of new car sales.

“I have tons of family and friends looking and buying,” she said.

Spring Lake Township resident John Bottema didn't finance the 2013 Ford Focus he bought last fall, but he said a family employee discount and dealer incentives helped drive his decision to buy. He traded in a 2004 GMC Sierra with 90,000 miles because he grew tired of its fuel-thirsty demeanor.

“I went to South Dakota on a little trip with my girlfriend (in September), and it really torqued me off pulling into a gas station and having to put $110 worth of gas into my truck,” Bottema said. “I got tired of driving that great big lumber wagon. It rode pretty rough.”

Bottema said the Focus is much more polite at the pump. It gets about 30 miles per gallon, and as much as the high 30s on the highway, he said.

“I love driving that little car,” said Bottema, who took another road trip west shortly after purchasing the Focus. “You spend about twice as much for gas driving the big truck as you did with the small car. I look for places to drive now.”

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