Cop attacker sentenced

Becky Vargo • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:05 PM

Alexander Snively assaulted Grand Haven police Officer Joe Schulte with a wine bottle in September 2012.

Schulte suffered serious injuries from the blows. Although he has returned to work on light duty, he is still recuperating from his injuries.

Snively, 18, was given credit for 106 days already served in jail. He was also ordered to pay $266 in fines and costs.

Snively pleaded no contest to a charge of assault with attempt to do great bodily harm less than murder when he was arraigned in Ottawa County Circuit Court on Dec. 3. He also pleaded no contest to a charge of resisting/obstructing/assaulting a police officer resulting in serious impairment.

At the time of the assault, Snively was under the influence of drugs and did not remember what happened, said his attorney, Joe Legatz.

Schulte responded to a noise complaint in the early morning of Sept. 29 at an upstairs apartment in the 700 block of Clinton St. When Schulte entered the apartment, Snively struck him on the head with a wine bottle.

Schulte, who spoke prior to the sentencing, told Ottawa County Circuit Judge Ed Post: “I suffered a fractured skull with a significant concussion in the first moments of the assault. More than three months later, I am still being treated for my injuries.”

Schulte said one of the most difficult aspects of his injuries is the effect they have had on his three young children.

“My oldest son broke down in tears when he saw me on the day of the incident," the officer said. "And, for some time, insisted he was to blame for it, because he had made too much noise while I was sleeping before work that night."

Schulte said what concerns him the most about the incident is that Snively does not remember what happened.

“I think it is very important Mr. Snively understands this incident could have easily have been fatal for either one of us,” Schulte said.

Schulte said he believes Snively would have beaten him to death if he was not physically stopped.

To read more about the struggle between teen and officer - including a potential stabbing and Snively's comments - in today’s print or e-edition of the Grand Haven Tribune.

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