Stonehenge in Nunica?

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:04 PM


It is. The scale version of Stonehenge is on private property, just east of the Terra Verde Golf Course in Crockery Township, on the north side of Leonard Road.

Fred Levin called Monday and told me he bought the property in the 1990s and landscaped the nearly 7-acre horse farm. He calls it Tranquility Farm.

"It's actually eight defined gardens," Levin said. "You can't appreciate it now, but in the summertime it's absolutely spectacular."

Levin said Stonehenge was built about 10 years ago. "It was my wife's idea," he said.

"A contractor did the work in six weeks for them, using a variety of photographs as a placement guide," according to the Weird Michigan website. "Each (Styrofoam) block is anchored by a metal beam set into the ground below. The couple is interested in sacred spaces from a variety of belief systems worldwide, and has also created a Cretan labyrinth-style meditation path and an American Indian medicine wheel garden."

According to an entry on the Roadside America website, the "stones" used for the Levins' Stonehenge are 13 feet tall — slightly smaller than the ones on the real Stonehenge in England, "but otherwise the Levins have a good-looking replica."

The Weird Michigan website says the diameter of the Levins' Stonehenge is only about half of the original one.

Stonehenge has held up to the weather, what with the stucco and paint over the Styrofoam. The only real damage has been a bird that chipped away part of a "rock" to make a nest, Levin said.

People have stopped in and asked permission for photographs, even wedding photos and at one time a music video, Levin said.

"They respect our privacy," he added. "But all you have to do is knock on the door and ask permission."

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