Tracking down a mystery

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:15 PM


Joanna supplied the photo of these strange tracks in the snow near her home in the Village Green park on a recent day. She said the tracks were in exactly the same spot last year.

"For two years now, there have been some strange footprints in the kids' grandma's yard a few houses away," she wrote. "I'm sending them to you. The shoe print next to the track is a man's size 12.

"Last year, late fall, my son saw a strange creature walk past his bedroom," she continued. "It had long arms as it walked, but it was tall enough that it reached at least window level. It was dark out, but it was close enough to his window he could make some of it out. All he said was it was gangly, and it really freaked him out. It has not been seen since, but these tracks keep showing up."

Sounds like something from Kevin Collier's "Strange Grand Haven" column, doesn't it?

I think they look a bit like rabbit tracks.

I asked the local public safety officials about the tracks, but they've not responded yet.

Katie Keen, a wildlife outreach technician for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in Cadillac, is just as puzzled as you are, Joanna.

"From the photos you have provided, we are not able to draw any conclusion as to what wildlife made the tracks," Keen said. "We do know they do not appear to be a rabbit, as you have guessed. Rabbit tracks are rounder in shape and are offset."

So, what are they? And what was that creature that Joanna's son said he saw? Perhaps we'll never know.

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