Man flees arrest, canine search launched in SL Township

Becky Vargo • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:16 PM

Officials declined to name the man, but said he was wanted for failure to appear in court on other cases. The types of cases were also unknown, but police said the man was not considered dangerous.

Deputies from the Ottawa County Sheriffs Department conducted a search for the man with the use of a canine unit. Michigan State Police troopers assisted.

Deputy Sarah Fillman said the man fled from the business when she arrived around 3:40 p.m. and ran through the junkyard at Joe’s Auto Parts.

An alert was put out and Michigan State Police stopped a man on Cleveland Street who matched the description, however it turned out to be the wrong person.

Deputy Jeff Somers arrived a short time later and put his canine partner, Ranger, on the track of the man who fled.

The man was tracked across 148th Avenue and through a field out to Cleveland Street.

Although Somers also checked the area on the north side of Cleveland, he was not able to find the man’s tracks again.

“He probably got picked up at Cleveland Street,” Somers said.

The deputy said cell phones make it easy for someone like this to call for a ride.

“When I ran my first dog, we caught all kinds of people,” Somers said. “Now, with cell phones, we track them for a quarter mile. They’ve called for a ride and they’re gone.

“We’d have caught him, had he not had a cell phone,” Somers said.

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