Adult novelty stores?

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:16 PM


I will not judge your intentions, Jeff, and give you the facts. “Do not judge so that you will not be judged.” (Matthew 7:1)

Tinker's Lingerie on Apple Avenue in Muskegon was a popular place for many years, but I've been told the shop has been closed.

A chain called Cirilla's (cirillas.com) has two locations in Grand Rapids, 3525 Plainfield Ave. NE and 3835 28th St. SE; and one at 1050 E. Sternberg Road, Norton Shores.

Spencer's Gifts at The Lakes Mall has some naughty products, but they're pretty tame to some other shops you'll find along major highways. I'm sure you've seen the billboards.

Lover's Lane is at 859 28th St. SW, Wyoming (loverslane.com). Grand Video at 6370 Lake Michigan Drive in Allendale is said to have "adult material."

Most if not all local municipalities have some kind of ordinance on their books that regulate such businesses. The City of Grand Haven calls them "sexually oriented businesses," and they would be restricted to commercial business districts as a "special land use."

The city has two pages dedicated to the regulations for a sex business "to minimize their negative secondary effects," the ordinance reads. It restricts them from being no closer than 500 feet from residential neighborhoods, parks, schools, churches and even similar shops. Furthermore, patrons must be at least age 18, and signs cannot "display or depict any specified anatomical areas or specified sexual activities."

And forget about the stereotypical "peep show booth." Such a room or cubicle would have to have at least one side "totally open to a public lighted aisle," and have "no holes or openings, other than doorways, in any side or rear walls."

Want to read the full city ordinance? CLICK HERE. You'll find it on pages 43-45.

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