Store for all the senses

Marie Havenga • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:20 PM

“SenZie means all senses of the human mind and body,” said Erickson, who opened SenZie 6 at 7 N. Seventh St. this week. “Everyone says there's only five senses. No! I always joke that women have the sixth sense.”

Erickson is counting on her business sense to have steered her right when she decided to sell organic soap, apparel, body jewelry and incense in a small storefront across the street from JW's Food and Spirits in Grand Haven's Centertown.

The store's inventory includes hemp sandals, jewelry, scented oils and clothing that Erickson says is as comfortable as it is colorful.

“I have the biggest array of incense in the area,” she said. “If you come in here, it smells like a little bit of heaven. You come in here and you forget everything because it smells so good. You could spend an hour smelling everything in here.”

Erickson said she queried one customer who said he enjoyed the smell of “mama's apple pie.” She combined apple and cinnamon incense to match his desire.

Erickson, who has body piercings herself, also stocks body jewelry.

“I have my lips pierced and it's hard to find jewelry anywhere in Grand Haven without having to drive far,” she said. “I decided to add that to my inventory.

"In Grand Haven and Ottawa County, things are changing. A lot of these young kids have piercings and have a style that's a little bit more alternative," she continued. "I want to bring that to Grand Haven, but yet keep it tasteful.”

Erickson worked in the medical field until she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1998.

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