Tornado watch, flooding warning and thunderstorms

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:29 PM

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for all of northern Ottawa County until 6 p.m. Thursday.

Flooding is also expected to worsen as heavy rains continue. The flood warning extends into this weekend.

A line of strong to severe thunderstorms is possible this afternoon and evening. The main threats will be damaging winds in excess of 60 mph along with large hail. The storms will be moving from west to east at about 50 mph.

Frequent lightning and wind gusts up to 60 mph are expected this afternoon and evening, and waves will build to 5-8 feet, posing a hazard to mariners Friday.

Stay alert to weather conditions and stay indoors during bad storms. A tornado watch means the conditions are such that a tornado could form. If a tornado is spotted near you, take cover in the lowest part of a building. If there is no basement or cellar, take cover in a closet or bathroom on the lowest level of the building. If you are outside and cannot make it to shelter, take cover in a ditch or low-lying area away from power lines.

Ottawa County offering free sandbags via township offices. Residents urged to call ahead as sandbags en route to local offices.

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