East-side gas station gone?

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:51 PM


The short answer is, not at this time.

The city tore the little store down. Its roof had collapsed and the building had been condemned.

"We received a court order to tear it down ... for blight reasons," Assistant City Manager Sam Janson explained.

The 0.37-acre parcel at 540 S. Beechtree St. is listed for sale by the Capstone Real Estate firm in Grand Haven. Capstone's Dave TenCate said it was originally listed at $300,000, but he said he's convinced the owner to reduce the price to $155,000 — "what I think is near the fair market value," he said.

The property is for sale, but the city has been mowing the grass and cutting the weeds, applying those costs to a lien on the property, TenCate said.

The property is owned by GSD Petroleum LLC, a Wisconsin-based subsidiary of Bulk Petroleum, which owns more than 100 gas stations and stores across the upper Midwest. TenCate said GSD has filed for bankruptcy protection in Wisconsin and "are not in the position to spend money on upkeep."

TenCate said it is unlikely that the property will be used again as a gas station because of environmental concerns over the buried gas tanks.

Meanwhile, the long-closed Clark gas station on North Beacon Boulevard is still closed, despite a man's plan to reopen it (note the blue star was put up a while ago). Word is that his partner in the business has health issues and the plan fell through.

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