Wind knocks over boat, brings down trees

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 1:23 PM

There were reports of downed limbs, a toppled boat and debris throughout the Tri-Cities area.

Keith and Mary Monarch were watching TV at about 1 a.m. Saturday when they heard "very loud rumbling followed by a huge BOOM. The entire house shook."

"We thought it took out part of the house and ran for the door," Mary said. "Both doors of the house are about 20 feet apart (on the) same side of the house. Both doors were blocked by tree branches. We had to climb our way out."

By morning light, they found that a "huge tree" had fallen on their two cars in the 13900 block of 168th Avenue in Grand Haven. They said the tree very nearly hit their old farmhouse and the garage.

"When it came down, it broke halfway up and folded over on itself," Mary said. "If it had not broken in half, it would have been in the house."

Up the road, at the marina off of Jackson Street, Rick Phillips took a photo of a boat that appeared to have toppled over after particularly mighty wind gusts.

Another Tribune reader, Barbara Swanson, reported that while on her way home from work late Friday night, the wind rocked her van as she was crossed the bridge.

"Very scary feeling," she shared.

Local police agencies logged several other complaints of wind-related damage. For instance, a tree fell onto Ferry, blocking the roadway, at about 10 p.m. Friday, and Road Closed signs blew all over the intersection of Waverly Avenue and S. Beacon Boulevard, blocking traffic.

The coastline, from South Haven to Ludington, was buffetted by winds from the southwest of up to 50 mph. People were urged to stay away from piers, breakwaters and beaches as waves were pushed into the 10- to 18-foot range.

Do you have pictures of the wind damage? If so, send them to the Tribune via e-mail to: news@grandhaventribune.com.

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