Resident rescues dog from bayou

Becky Vargo • Jul 21, 2015 at 2:09 PM

This was apparently the second time the dog had been rescued in the last two weeks.

Jaime Robbe said a neighbor alerted her around 11 a.m. that a dog had fallen through the ice near her house.

They called 911 and the 136th Avenue resident went down the steep bank to the Stearns Bayou Ice to see what she could do.

“I could hear the dog barking and whining,” she said.

When Robbe got closer, she could see the Black Lab in the water near a dock. She tried to coax the animal out of the water, but it couldn’t get onto the ice.

When she realized she couldn’t get to the dog, she ran back to her shed, grabbed a pair of oars, and then pulled her neighbor’s rowboat down the shore from three houses away.Robbe pushed the boat out on the ice, staying as close to the dock as possible. She was able to get into the boat and get to the edge of the water.

“The dog came up to the ice,” she said. “I grabbed onto his collar and pulled him up on it.”

Robbe said the dog seemed weak, but was able to work his way up the hill.

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