Bridge work noticed?

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 2:46 PM

Billy has more to say: "Lastly, it would be interesting to know who the knucklehead was that made the decision to do this work, on this stretch of road, in Grand Haven during one of the busiest traffic weeks of the year. It's great to have good roads, but timing is everything!”


The project was indeed in the news (radio, print, TV, social media, etc.), and the lane restriction information is always available at Michigan.gov/drive, said John Richard, spokesman for the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Grand Region. The repaving project was certainly noted in the Tribune and subject of a Mailbag Q&A in May.

For the May 7 Mailbag answer, Richard said MDOT was shooting for having the work done by Memorial Day weekend, unless the weather didn’t cooperate. It didn’t. In fact, June made it even more difficult to schedule and get done.

“The monsoon June has slowed things down all over West Michigan,” Richard said. “Is there a convenient time for construction during the summer in Grand Haven? Rhetorical. However, we do what we can to maintain mobility during road work. That’s why we, the knuckleheads, lifted all restrictions from (July 3-7) to make travel easier for the Fourth of July weekend.”

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