Youth “lucky” in car vs. scooter crash

Becky Vargo • Jul 21, 2015 at 2:48 PM

Drew Bruursema suffered scrapes on his legs in the 12:15 p.m. crash. His mother said she planned to take him to the emergency room to be evaluated.

Bruursema was eastbound on Ferris at U.S. 31.

“I was coming home from football,” he said. “I was helping at a camp for the little kids.”

Bruursema said he stopped for a red light.

“The light turned green. I started going,” Bruursema said.

A black southbound car ran the red light, swerved at the last moment, but still caught the back of the mo-ped, police said.

“He was on his cell phone,” police said of the 68-year-old Grand Haven man driving the car.

Bruursema said the car hit the back of his mo-ped.

“It didn’t hit my leg,” he said. “But the thing flew out from underneath me.”

The youth, who was wearing a helmet, landed in the road. The car went off the road into the ditch.

Bruursema refused treatment at the scene.

Paramedics were initially told they weren’t needed, but were requested to return to the scene to evaluate the driver of the car.

Police said they would administer a personal Breathalyzer test on the driver as a precaution.

The man will get a ticket for running the red light., police said.

Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputies and Grand Haven Township Fire/Rescue responded to the crash.

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