6:21 AM Nov 23, 2011
After a chilly start ...
11:30 AM Nov 22, 2011
City officials say that the change to the community's fall leaf collection program has so far been a benefit. Budget issues caused the city to eliminate the leaf collection program that allowed residents to rake leaves into the street in the fall for collection by the city.
11:01 AM Nov 22, 2011
Head out to most rifle ranges and you'll find targets set up out to 100 yards, maybe 200 yards at the longest.
1:30 PM Nov 22, 2011
Western Michigan Christian graduate Evan Bruinsma had his best performance to date for the University of Detroit men's basketball team last week, as he scored nine points and grabbed 10 rebounds in 23 minutes off the bench in the Titans' 113-68 win over Concordia.
10:15 AM Nov 22, 2011
Riding skateboards on Grand Haven streets may soon be allowed - but for one pragmatic reason.
10:18 AM Nov 22, 2011
Chance for rain this afternoon.
11:17 AM Nov 21, 2011
Grand Haven residents are invited to complete a "Vacation/Out-of-Town Home Check' form if they are going away during the holidays.
10:19 AM Nov 22, 2011
Bruce and Zerlaut - who make up the morning team at WGHN-FM (92.1) - don't consider themselves celebrities, as some radio personalities might do at larger stations. The pair do their best to inform listeners about what's going on in their community.
12:22 PM Nov 21, 2011
Longtime newspaperman Clarence Poel died Sunday at age 91, with his family gathered at his side. A newspaper man for more than 65 years, Poel was most recently known for writing his "Focus on People' columns, which appeared twice weekly in the Grand Haven Tribune.
11:00 AM Nov 21, 2011
Partly sunny today, rain coming tomorrow.