2:00 PM Apr 2, 2012
C2C Gallery will host Vincent Hayes, a local blues musician, from 6-8 p.m. Friday.
6:00 AM Mar 31, 2012
Today: Partly sunny, with a high near 49. East-northeast wind at around 6 mph.
6:01 AM Apr 1, 2012
Pursuing a Dream, in conjunction with Grand Haven Area Public Schools, has announced their "Get Hooked' event dates for 2012.
12:00 PM Apr 1, 2012
A local theology group that meets monthly in Grand Haven is moving to a new venue for the duration of its spring gatherings.
10:28 PM Mar 30, 2012
Loggers used the Grand River as an "expressway" to drive logs to sawmills in villages and cities along the banks of the Grand River. The 1883 log jams in the river above Grand Rapids and above the Tri-Cities are the stuff that legends are made of.
2:41 PM Apr 1, 2012
The investigation is continuing into a rollover crash on March 16 that left five Grand Haven High School girls injured. A spokesperson at the Michigan State Police post in Rockford said on Friday that there was no definitive time when it would be done.
Mar 31, 2012 (All day)
Grand Haven officials say they are hoping that, by the end of the year, they will be the owners of two beacons lighting the way for boaters into the city's port. "The timeline is when the Coast Guard finishes some maintenance on the light, then we'll set the wheels in motion to get the deed transferred to the city,' City Manager Pat McGinnis said.
9:44 PM Mar 30, 2012
They mesmerize beach-goers, board-walkers and boaters. They're crimson-spangled spheres - painting the horizon watercolor hues for artists, poets and lovers. And, as of Thursday, Grand Haven sunsets are the No. 1 activity in Michigan as determined by more than 6,400 voters on Pure Michigan's Facebook page.
7:00 AM Mar 30, 2012
Winter weather advisory in effect until 2 p.m. today.
4:12 PM Mar 30, 2012
Former Grand Haven Mayor Roger Bergman is entering the political arena again.