7:00 AM Aug 1, 2014
Mostly sunny, with a high near 76. Calm wind becoming west-southwest 5 to 8 mph in the morning.
6:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
Marking your spot for watching Saturday's parade and Saturday night's fireworks in Grand Haven is not allowed until after midnight tonight.
4:52 PM Jul 31, 2014
Sixth Street, from Jackson to Madison streets in Grand Haven, is currently closed due to an emergency sewer and street repair.
11:33 AM Jul 31, 2014
Were YOU, your neighbor or your family spotted by our roaming cameras at the Coast Guard Festival activities? Now's the time to find out!
5:00 PM Aug 6, 2014
Barbara of Grand Haven asked, “Do pedestrians still have the right of way at intersections? Several times, while crossing with the walk signal at Washington and Beacon, I have had cars almost hit me. Even though they have gotten the green light to turn, I always thought the pedestrian goes first.”
5:00 PM Aug 4, 2014
Steve of Spring Lake asked, “This week while riding down South Harbor going toward the state park, in front of the Coast Guard Station four boys passed me on skateboards riding down the yellow center double lines. As one of the boys passed me, I asked him if what they were doing was legal, and he said it was. My question is: Is this really legal?”
7:49 AM Jul 31, 2014
Haze and fog coated the early goings of Senior Day, but it was perfectly clear the annual Coast Guard Festival event is a bright spot in the lives of many.
10:00 AM Jul 31, 2014
Crowds grew at Grand Haven’s Escanaba Park as the night went on Wednesday while families got inside the operations of the docked Coast Guard ships.
7:00 AM Jul 31, 2014
Partly sunny, with a high near 75. Southwest wind 6 to 13 mph.
11:50 AM Jul 30, 2014
It’s big, bold and bright, and it has taken over downtown Grand Haven.