8:00 AM Jun 9, 2015
A Coopersville woman who fell into a drugged sleep with her baby in her arms will spend 270 days in jail for the child’s death.
7:00 AM Jun 9, 2015
Mostly sunny, with a high near 67. Southwest wind 5 to 8 mph.
8:04 AM Jun 8, 2015
A handful of vendors gathered under the Chinook Pier tent prior to the start of the first Art Market of the year, hoping that, by some stroke of luck, the forecast storms would miss the area.
9:00 AM Jun 7, 2015
Come play in one of the world’s greatest sandboxes at the 34th annual Sand Sculpture Contest on Saturday, June 20.
2:00 PM Jun 7, 2015
More than 12,000 condoms are making their way to Venezuela, thanks to Barbara Lee, a Grand Haven resident and advocate of healthy sexual education.
9:00 AM Jun 6, 2015
It looked like a scene straight out of the television show “Undercover Boss.”
12:00 PM Jun 6, 2015
Two locations will offer a free meal as part of a summer lunch program.
5:00 PM Jun 8, 2015
Rory of Grand Haven asked, “I was wondering about the Coast Guard boat on the highway. They have a number on it, like 41488 or something. Why not have them put 49417 for our ZIP code? Or is that something the Coast Guard can’t change?”
11:00 AM Jun 5, 2015
Bobber the Water Safety Dog greeted Mary A. White Elementary School students walking into the school’s gymnasium on Thursday.
11:55 AM Jun 5, 2015
News that the ownership of Starlite Lanes has an agreement in the works to sell the Grand Haven bowling alley, which in turn would be redeveloped into a new grocery store, has led many people to share their feelings about the plan.