11:56 AM May 3, 2015
Images of women in mainstream media that have been digitally altered present unrealistic goals for girls and women and destroy their true beauty, said Holland Christian High School junior Elizabeth Okma, 16, and senior Dawon Kang, 19.
2:30 PM May 2, 2015
As a first-time visitor to Holland’s Tulip Time festival with thousands of visitors in attendance, the scene may be overwhelming. Here’s four quick things you need to know.
10:51 PM Apr 21, 2015
The Holland Board of Public Works’ ceremonial groundbreaking on Tuesday could almost be called the beginning of the homestretch of a project that has transformed significantly over its long course.
3:00 PM Apr 16, 2015
Every Holland schoolchild knows about DeZwaan, the 200-and-some-year-old Dutch windmill dismantled and reassembled in Holland in 1965. However, the story you've heard is just the beginning.
8:40 AM Apr 15, 2015
Holland’s three-term mayor, Kurt Dykstra, will not seek re-election in November, he announced Tuesday.
12:00 PM Apr 5, 2015
Students of color and of low socioeconomic status don't do as well as their white peers in Holland Public Schools.
7:47 AM Mar 27, 2015
Four years ago, the Greater Ottawa County United Way set its fundraising campaign goal at an “enormous” $2.3 million.
8:01 AM Mar 21, 2015
A 19-year-old Holland man charged with attacking another man with a bat and pickax after a Facebook feud has pleaded guilty to felonious assault and first-degree home invasion.
11:00 AM Mar 14, 2015
A teen charged in the fatal stabbing of an 18-year-old man in Ottawa County has been found incompetent to stand trial.
9:02 AM Mar 14, 2015
Holland police have arrested and charged one of two suspects in a brutal beating that took place last week.