9:45 PM Mar 11, 2015
The Michigan House has approved a bill cutting off the state's film incentives, despite recent comments from the governor that he doesn't support an abrupt end to the program.
6:00 PM Mar 11, 2015
The state Senate approved a bill on Tuesday that would prohibit the smoking or growing of medical marijuana on rental properties without permission from a landlord.
3:50 PM Mar 11, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday signed mid-budget year bills to finalize a plan to tackle Michigan's projected $412 million shortfall in two primary funds that receive about $21 billion annually in tax revenue.
2:03 PM Mar 8, 2015
Michigan's film incentive program is being scrutinized in Lansing yet again in the midst of a larger debate about how to cut costs and pay for increased liabilities.
12:58 PM Mar 6, 2015
Michigan would end 15 years of competition in the electricity market and its 10 percent renewable power requirement would be left intact — but not rise — under a rewrite of the state's energy law proposed Thursday by a key Republican.
12:00 PM Mar 5, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation Wednesday giving Michigan State Police rather than counties the authority to approve concealed weapons licenses.
6:00 PM Mar 4, 2015
Michigan officials are seeking volunteers to join the annual frog and toad survey, entering its 20th year.
3:00 PM Mar 3, 2015
Legislation introduced in the state House and Senate would offer flexibility to raise money at least three times a week by selling snacks in Michigan schools now banned under federal guidelines.
3:56 PM Mar 3, 2015
Police say a 3-year-old Lansing girl is making a good recovery after suffering critical hypothermia when she got stuck overnight outside her family's apartment.
10:00 AM Mar 3, 2015
Ottawa Area Intermediate School District Superintendent Karen McPhee has been named senior education policy adviser to Gov. Rick Snyder.